Was it a Multi-Purpose Assassination?

DIG STF Ampara Lewke told media in Colombo that the Motorcycle Squad being trained in Colombo will also be utilised in the East to hunt down killers of Security/Paramilitary personnel and kill them - at least the instigators. So, soon there is going to be a seek and destroy operation (of Tamil Youths) in the East of Sri Lanka - a period of terror - a period of Gillism (remember the anti-Khalistan purge days in Punjab).


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10 September 2005



We condemn the assassination of Sri LankaĦ's Foreign Minister Luxman Kathirgamar in the same way we condemn Luxman Kathirgamar's unconscionable support for and defence of the oppression at home and ridicule abroad of the Tamils' struggle in Sri Lanka.

The Government, the Security Forces, the Police and the Anti-Tamil Sinhala and English media quite conveniently point the accusing finger at the LTTE.  Not only the LTTE, every Tamil with an aota of self-respect was critical of Kathirgamar's anti-Tamil propaganda.

Even after the killing/injuring of many of the LTTE's cadres, including Kowsalyan, Ariya Nehru and Kuveni, the LTTE observed admirable restraint and was simply complaining to the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission.  They were engaged in diplomatic activity trying to convince the International Community of the justification for the Tamils struggle and the impediments placed in the way of a negotiated settlement at home.  Security Forces and their paramilitary collaborators provoked them into retaliation, but they did not. We do not believe that the LTTE would have carried out this assassination.

On the other hand, the Government, the racist Security Forces and the Police, corrupt to the hilt, were worried that their concerted efforts at sabotaging the peace process were being closely watched by the International Community, to their disadvantage.

The JVP agreed with the SLFP in the Memorandum of Understanding of the UPFA (United People's Freedom Alliance) that the SLFP could devolve power at the provincial level, while JVP would not devolve beyond local body level. However, when it came to signing the P-TOMS, the JVP challenged President Chandrika's right to aid the Tsunami victims of NorthEast through the P-TOMS.  It led to a head on collision resulting in the parting of ways.  The President expressed fears of threat to her own life, hinting at the JVP.  From then onwards, the JVP was furious and fuming at the President.  They wanted to weaken her and the SLFP.  They knew, and everybody knew, that Luxman Kathirgamar was the trusted confidant of the President, the only person who could guide her.

JVP infiltrators are in the Security Forces.  They want a war to infiltrate the Security Forces further so that they can dictate terms later on. The JVP is floating in Foreign money.

The racists and the Buddhist Fanatics do not want to grant equal rights to the Tamils.  They want the Tamils assimilated or annihilated.  The growing understanding of, and the sympathy for, the Tamils struggle panicked these racist elements.  They are hell bent on derailing the peace process.  They alleged that Norway as facilitator and the SLMM composed of Nordic countries were favouring the LTTE.  Actually, the SLMM did pinpoint violations of MoU on both sides.  They exposed the fact that paramilitary groups were operating with the Sri Lankan Security Forces. 

These racists and fanatic elements in Sri Lanka dreaming about the establishment of a Sinhala Buddhist State are actively propagating a notorious campaign against Norway and the Nordic countries alleging partiality towards Tamils.  Actually, they are maintaining international standards and not following the Sinhala standard of Sinhala Buddhist primacy.

These racist elements want to bring in Russia, China, India and Pakistan to talk to the LTTE/Tamils.  In their opinion, these countries are the ones capable of bullying the LTTE/Tamils into submitting to the Sinhala Buddhist fanaticism.  These countries owe an explanation if they have accepted the ignoble mission of making the Sri Lankan Tamils submit to the tyranny of Sinhala Buddist fanaticism.  Buddharakitas and Somaramas are once again active.

It is in this atmosphere that Luxman Kathirgamar was assassinated.  One theory is that the JVP, with malice towards the President, could have conspired this assassination with their men in the Security Forces.

They wanted to isolate President Chandrika and ostracize her from Politics.

In doing this, did the JVP think of

1) bringing the political doom of President Chandrika.

2) putting the blame on the LTTE

3) making use of this outcome to oust Norway as facilitator

4) bringing in their bully states to force the LTTE/Tamils into submission.

5) Making use of the outcome to oust the Nordic SLMM and bringing in a SLMM composed of their bully states

6) Succeeding in establishing the dream Sinhala Buddhist State

Even the Jathika Hela Urumaya may have supported this conspiracy for the same reason.  Was this a multi-purpose, mega-assassination?  A thorough grilling of Somawansa, Weerawansa and Champika Ranawaka, JHU Chief Organiser and a former JVPer may help unravel the secrets behind this multipurpose mega-assassination.  The appointment by the President of Anura Bandaranayake as Foreign Minister gives credence to this theory.

Another theory doing rounds in Colombo is that Luxman Kathirgamar was advocating that, since the President is from the majority community, the Prime Minister should be from the minority community.  Since the President was inclined to support his view and had been prepared to make him Prime Minister, those in the Cabinet who smelt that their chances of being Prime Minister were dying would have engineered this plot.

In spite of media propaganda against the LTTE, there is a school of opinion that this is an internal clash of interests.

The shoddy and make-believe dramatisation of D.SivaramĦ's murder inquiry have sapped the Government and the Police of all credibility. An earnest but fruitless attempt to hide something is clear in SivaramĦ's murder inquiry. We had media reports that Iniya Barathy and a Muslim person of the Karuna group were arrested at the Police Checkpoint in Amparai the day following Sivaram's murder, with arms and ammunitions, while returning from Colombo in a Van.  Later reports said that the detection was made on the same day that Sivaram's body was found. Brig. Sarath Munasinghe as Army spokesperson was nicknamed Boru Singhe by the media when he was repeatedly telling lies.  Now Brig. Daya Ratnayaka is telling lies even after authentic exposures of paramilitary activities in the East by the media.  He is becoming a Boru Nayaka.

What is happening in East Sri Lanka is what happened in East-Timor - a deliberate attempt by the State and Security Forces to sabotage any success of peace or achieving any rights by Tamils.  It is no secret that successive Sri Lankan Governments are paying several lakhs to paramilitary groups monthly for the explicit purpose of killing LTTE cadres and Tamil activists.  There are state paid/patronised killer groups whose function is to kill LTTE cadres and Tamil Journalists/activists.  What is more, the security forces tried to kill LTTE political chief S.P. Thamilchelvan twice in 2001.  The State and the lopsided media are crying foul only when retaliated against.

After the recent Aceh peace agreement there was a clash between paramilitary groups and Aceh militants.  The Indonasian President immediately cautioned the Army to rein in the paramilitary groups.

In Sri Lanka it is the reverse.  There is no admission of the deployment of the killer paramilitary groups - naked hypocrisy.

DIG STF Ampara Lewke told media in Colombo that the Motorcycle Squad being trained in Colombo will also be utilised in the East to hunt down killers of Security/Paramilitary personnel and kill them - at least the instigators. So, soon there is going to be a seek and destroy operation (of Tamil Youths) in the East of Sri Lanka -a period of terror - a period of Gillism (remember the anti-Khalistan purge days in Punjab).

Right now Brig. Gen.Janaka Perera, well known for his crimes in Sri Lanka, is in Indonesia as High Commissioner.

What more proof does anybody need to understand what is going on in Eastern Sri Lanka?

It is time, the International Community understood the reality on the ground and acted with responsibility.  They must stop East Sri Lanka being turned into East Timor.

A.Theva Rajan, Coordinator

R.Selvarajah, General Secretary



Posted September 13, 2005