Role of Tamil Diaspora Vital for Peace Process Says Dhanapala

by Ananther Boopathy

Ladies and Gentlemen,

From being a Ceylon Tamil, I became a Sri Lankan Tamil, then a Tamil Paraiya for most Sinhalese, then a Tamil refugee inside the country, then a Tamil terrorist, then a Tamil refugee in at least three different countries from India to Europe to North America.  All this time nobody was concerned for the welfare of the Tamils.  Not the SLFP, nor the UNP, nor the Sri Lankan government.

As a Tamil, our future and the future of the younger generation was nothing if not bleak.

"Post-1956, political moves initiated to establish a unilingual state had the cumulative effect of entrenching the majoritarian Sinhala-Buddhist viewpoint.  History since the mid-1950s also brings out scores of instances when political expediency and outbidding of the rival aggravated the most pressing national problem, differences on the question of the nature of the state, throwing Sri Lanka into extreme despair." V.S. Sambandan in Frontline magazine.

It is not the only LTTE that fights for Tamil liberation.  All Tamils want liberation.  The SLFP, UNP governments have led us to feel that way.  Now the JVP and Sinhala Urumaiya are showing us all the good reasons to decide for the LTTE.

Even Tamils, who up to a few months earlier supported separatism half heartedly are now in full swing supporting the LTTE.

The Ceylonese and Sri Lankan governments never treated neither the Tamils nor the Muslims as one of their own.  Only downtrodden.  The international organizations like the UN and the ILO did nothing to help the Tamils.

Remember, Ms. CBK's Foreign Minister dictated to the UN to "spray against Malaria...not to worry over the plight of Tamils?"

The LTTE gave us a reason to feel like we belong somewhere! Tamil Eelam.  We belong to somebody - Tamils and Tamils only.

The LTTE has given the chance to the world governments to see if they really can help the parties come to a negotiated settlement!

We, the Tamil Diaspora, have known from the start that nothing would come out of Sri Lanka.

The best proof is that the Government and Sri Lankan political parties are against PTOMS. Even the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka blocked it.  The Sinhalese (Sri Lankan) people did not protest.  The international bodies keep quiet.

What else is left of our peace hopes?

Three years of MOU....?

High Security Zones still hold Tamils' land and houses!  Fishermen still are allowed to go fishing with passes only.  The so-called 'Tamil parties' in the mainstream are carrying weapons!  They are used as militias by the Army and the Sri Lankan government.

Mr. Dhanapala, why should the Tamil Dispora play a potential role, in promoting a false peace call by the Sri Lankan government?

Towards any reconciliation in Sri Lanka, it is the representatives of the Sinhalese people who should start showing some acts of good will!

The Tamil Diaspora will keep supporting its sole legitimate representatives, the LTTE, wholeheartedly - not out of fear like the Sinhalese propaganda goes - until the Sinhalese people teach their leaders to write peace as P-E-A-C-E, not as W-A-R!!


Posted September 16, 2005