Nampungal Tamil Eelam Nallai Pirakum

Believe in the Birth of Tamil Eelam


Nampungal Tamil Eelam Nallai Pirakum

Naatin Adimai Vilanku Therrikum

Believe, Tamil Eelam is to be born tomorrow

Shattering the shackles of our nation's servitude.


Paaril Tamilmann veeram pirakum

Pahaivan oodum sethi kitaikum

Tamil soil will emerge gallantly among the nations

News of our fleeing enemies will reach us.


Paaril vettri murasu mulangum

Pulikal kaluthil maalai thongum

The war drums will spread the news of victory

Garlands will adorn the Tigers.


Koondu paravai serahu virikum

Kunintha muhangal niminthu sirikkum

The caged bird will spread its wings

Bowed heads will lift straight.


Maandu veerar kanavu pallikum

Makulchi kadallil Tamilmann kulikum

Dreams of the martyrs realized,

Tamil soil will be drenched in joy.


Vaanam namathu kodiyai asaikkum

Matran muhathil nanam mulaikum

Dignity graces our flag

Our traitors realize their shame.


Maanam namakoru mahudam valankum

Manil namadu perumai vilangum

Prestige rendered in our quest for dignity

Our mark will be made on this earth!


Transliteration and translation by D.McC. with refinements by V.T.


This song can be found on the CD Thenisaith Thenralum Puyalum put out by the WTM and available at (WTMCD-T003).  The song is performed by Thenisai Chellappa and is written by Kasi Anandan.


Posted October 8, 2004