Vultures seen in the sky

by Richard Markandu

There are vultures seen waiting for the prey. This include ministers, and popular Sinhalese political figures in the cabinet. Their eyes seem to be focused on medical supplies, clothing and food items that belong to Tsunami victims.

The international community should not be surprised if the huge sum of relief funds that have been allocated to Tsumani victims go into the tills created by these men and women.  They have the power to deviate this enormous sum of money from relief funds into their own pockets.

The relief materials will be housed in many warehouses located in remote urban and rural areas of the island under the supervision of government officials who are selected loyalists of various political figures.  These loyalists will selll these medical items, clothings and food items in the world market, perhaps in Middle-Eastern countries.

Recent history tells us that these types of fraudulent acts took place in Honduras, Iran, India and other nations.

As we speak, it looks like the present regime has already appointed their own loyal men in the government to take charge of relief materials as well as financial resources that they received from overseas.  Corruption is a norm in that part of the Asian continent.

May the Lord Jesus Save the Souls of the Tsunami-Victims and the remaining Souls in the Island.


Posted January 12, 2005