Tsunami Relief Gala

Georgetown Students for Tsunami Relief united over 70 local financial supporters at a fundraising gala last Friday. "Waves of Hope" raised $3,276 for the victims of the tsunami that hit SE Asia on Dec. 26.  Students from Georgetown, George Washington, and Johns Hopkins Universities, along with members of the Georgetown community, each donated $25 to attend.  The Georgetown University Jazz Band performed, and refreshments were donated by the Pepperidge Farm company.

An event organizer, Brintha Vasagar (CAS '06), was spending time working to rebuild war-torn areas in Sri Lanka when the tsunami struck.  She said that her experience in the region galvanized her to plan the gala.
"The thing about aid in countries like Sri Lanka is that the regions supported by the government receive aid while the other areas are ignored," she said. "With these conditions in mind, I came up with the idea of the gala when I returned to Georgetown."

Proceeds from the gala were split evenly between the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund and the International Medical Health Organization, ensuring that aid would be distributed to all affected areas, rather than restricted to specified ones.


Posted February 18, 2005