Wave of Hope for Tsunami Victims

The Bharathanatyam: a timeless tradition event held on Saturday, February 19 ,2005, an evening performance to remember the tsunami victims and to help support TRO relief efforts, raised a significant sum.  The funds raised from the event will be used for the development of children, the most vulnerable victims of the tsunami, specifically to rebuild the Senthalir Chiruvar Illam (Tender Sprout Home) - for destitute children and displaced children who have lost their parents.  This children's home was destroyed by the tidal waves. This project will be carried out by TRO-USA.

Local politicians and representatives of the International Medical Health Organization and Tamils Rehabilitation Organization spoke at the fundraiser event.

The politicians stressed that it is time to show humanity to our fellow human beings after the terrible natural disaster of the tsunami waves took away so many human lives.

Dr. Rajam Theivendra, a psychiatrist who recently visited the disaster area in the NorthEast of Sri Lanka said that the people in that area need help to overcome the fear and guilt feelings of not being able to save their children from the sea.  She added that the suicidal tendency is very high among those people and it is time to join forces to create a "wave of hope."

Selvi Chandranathan, Director of Bharata Kala NrityakShetra, which sponsored the event, said that thousands of children have been made orphans and we must protect them from the child trafficking criminal gangs.  She added that we must work to wipe the most vicious forms of abusive child labor from the Earth where thousands of children live their lives in utter despair in forced labor as domestic servants, factory workers, and in forced prostitution.  Every single day, tens of millions of children work in conditions that shock the conscience.

Congratulations and thanks to all the volunteers, organizers and performers!


Posted February 21, 2005