Let's Face It

by Wakeley Paul, Esq.

Ever since the Sinhalese realized the power of universal suffrage, Tamils and others have been victims of Sinhalese Buddhist exclusion.  This will never change.  The Sinhalese have had a vicious history of stripping us of our dignity; and have never regretted it.  The island will continue to be a cauldron of resentment and hate as long as we remain politically dispossessed. 

Regional discord will keep leaping up while the current President relishes her recipe for inertia.  Hypocrisy, rampant with false promises and false hopes to satiate the international community, has always been the surging wave of Sinhalese politicians. 

The Sinhalese leaders have an unquestionable thirst for generating prejudice.  Prejudice has a virile quality.  It has infected their system and they are bewitched by it.  They cannot envision the difference between true leadership and the desire to dominate.  They believe that domination of everyone else is their holy writ. 

We cannot continue to merely exercise prudent caution against irrational over-reaching.  We need to to be grossly cynical about Sinhalese intentions.  The Sinhalese leadership is incapable of conceding anything to anyone, and our history is graphic proof of this. 

The situation is made worse by a President who is fueled by an all consuming ambition to remain in power forever, which forces her to dance to the tune of her unapologetic and unwavering racist coalition partner.  The fact that she will leave a legacy of squandered opportunities does not bother her.

The fact that theSinhalese racists put their worst instincts on display, does not bother them.  The fact that they are building up an explosive powder keg under their despotic rule over disputed territory is immaterial to them.  The fact that asserting control over disputed territory does not inspire loyalty is of no concern to them.  The gift that they received from the British of being able to dominate everyone else under the Unitary Constitution consumes them.  It is their focused passion which they will never surrender.  These are the facts of life the world should be made aware of with effective publicity before we decide to go to war, which is becoming increasingly inevitable.

The President's rejection of the ISGA and her pretense of being committed to an Interim administration while seeking an ultimate settlement are all tactics to falsely mollify the international community.  It is all part of her recipe for inertia to maintain the status quo.  Do nothing and everyone will be bluffed into believing that her intentions are honorable.  She has played this game from the moment she assumed power.  She will continue to play it while she is in power.  Her phoniness must be exposed loudly and clearly to a world that has been embalmed by her commitment to inaction.

Unlike the Americans who are sick with disgust over their former treatment of blacks and native Americans; unlike the Australians who share similar feelings of guilt towards the Aborigines; the Sinhalese leaders just do not care.  The Americans & Australians have done everything they can to remedy these injustices.  Both have taken drastic action to correct these inequities.  The Sinhalese leaders, on the other hand, are totally callous about their mistreatment of others.  To them, their right to control non-Sinhalese Buddhists is a vital elixir to enable them to exist.  They are beyond redemption and will remain so forever and a day.


Posted February 26, 2005