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Urgent Appeal to Help Eelam Tamil Flood Victims in Tamil Nadu   

The Tamil Refugee Aid Society of Ottawa (TRASO) is making an urgent appeal for funds to help our Tamil sisters and brothers who live in refugee camps in Tamil Nadu who have now been made homeless as a result of the recent cyclone and floods especially in the districts of Namakkal, Arani, Trichy and Erode. 

Founded in 1983 to respond to the urgent needs of the Eelam Tamils who were brutalized by the anti-Tamil pogroms and the State-sponsored violence unleashed against the Tamil civilian population by the Sinhala mobs in July 1983, TRASO is completing this year twenty-two years of efficient and exceptional service.  As a registered charity operating under the generous patronage of Emeritus Archbishop of Ottawa, The Most Rev. Joseph A. Plourde, TRASO has helped thousands of Tamil refugees in Canada, India, Tamil Eelam and Sri Lanka.

Our Service providers and consultants include some of the well-accomplished academics in Eelam and the Tamil Religious hierarchy in Sri Lanka and India. Last week we received desperate calls from Tamil Nadu, following the cyclone and floods and one of our liaison officers is currently in Namakkal district in Tamil Nadu helping our Eelam refugees who are affected by the floods in Arani, Namakkal and Trichy districts. More than 800 Eelam Tamil families are made homeless by the floods.

We are, therefore, making an urgent appeal to our friends and benefactors to contribute toward this   fund  to help the victims to buy  food, clothing and other basic necessities.  We collected over Can $ 97,000.00 for the post-tsunami reconstruction and we had the money disbursed to all victims of the tsunami disaster through some of the national and international Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Church organizations working among the victims.

We are happy to say that we are fully committed to financial accountability and transparency. We shall be pleased to mail our annual reports if you wish to receive them.       

You may send your contributions by cheques payable to The Tamil Refugee Aid society of Ottawa and Mail it to:  Suite # 307, Ten Drive Way, Ottawa Ontario K2P 1C7. We will  send you a tax deductible receipt for your contribution.