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Towards a Peaceful Settlement and SL Elections

by S. Makenthiran

Why Singhalese cannot be included in the Tamil-Muslim family:

As long as 40,000 Sinhalese armed forces of occupation are occupying Tamil homes, hospitals, schools, temples, churches and public buildings, these are the Sinhalese that the Tamils come in contact with. These Singhalese are not welcome in Jaffna or any part of the NorthEast (Eelam).  The armed forces should leave. Sorry, we cannot include the murderous Sinhalese armed forces of occupation in our family. 

As long as Singhalese colonists and criminals are occupying Tamil lands such as Manal Aru (renamed Weli Oya), Kinniya and other places in the NorthEast, Singhalese are not welcome.  The Tamils refugees should be returned their ancestral lands and resettled.

As long as the Singhalese do not respect the Tamil language and do not give it equal treatment with Sinhala language, they are not welcome

As long as Singhalese want to give Buddhism preferential treatment over other religions, they are not welcome.

Those with guns and no discipline have a bad habit of raping Tamil women. Characters who do not treat Tamil women with respect are not welcome.  

Women are vulnerable in any society whether Tamil, Singhalese or Canadian.

The woman who is supposed to have caused the death of the Indian Prime Minister was reported to have been raped by an IPKF man.  Tamil women are not to be dishonored by the Singhalese or anyone and that to them is an unforgivable crime.

Singhalese civilians are welcome to live peacefully as friends and equals of the Tamils, not as masters.

The Sinhalese should give back to the Tamils all the lands that they seized by force from them, such as the 28 Tamil villages in Manal Aru and all lands seized by them in the East.  The destruction caused to the Tamil homeland by the Singhalese state terror has to be undone first.  My own ancestral village near Palali has been flattened by the army and there is no house left. 

Singhalese came from Bangladesh, which was then part of India.  Then why send back Upcountry Tamils who came from India?  India let down the Tamils by giving in to Singhalese violence and pressure.

Singhalese Buddhist chauvinists must make peace with the Tamils and stop beating the war drum. We cannot live with killers.

The Singhalese terrorists should stop waging subversive war against the Tamils and disband all the para-military units and home guards committing atrocities against Tamils.

The Singhalese majority should stop shedding crocodile tears for the Tamil speaking Muslims and give up their divide and rule policy.

Quoting University Teachers for Human Rights (Jaffna) about the situation in the NorthEast does not impress me. They are not University Teachers and not in Jaffna.  They are stooges living in Colombo and funded by the Singhalese to do propaganda against the LTTE.  They are not for Human Rights, but are singing for their supper, or hate the LTTE so much that they do not have a balanced viewpoint.   Like Douglas Devananda, Karuna and Anandasangaree, they are living on Singhalese charity.  Poor chaps, they have to please their masters by periodically  singing  their praise and condemning the Tamils. They hate the LTTE so much they will do anything to tear them down.

Tamils can forgive and forget  all the atrocities committed by the Singhalese only if they return to the Tamils their lands.  Singhalese have seven provinces and they do not have to encroach on the Tamil NorthEast homeland.  They can come and live as peaceful civilians, not as robbers.

I am not a supporter of Mahinda Rajapakse and his anti Tamil policies and his warlike postures. I support the accommodating policies of Ranil Wickremasinghe. On November 17, the Sri Lankan electorate will give their verdict  and decide the course of Sri Lankan politics.