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Dutch Built

by Lanka Business Online, November 7, 2005

Sri Lanka’s northern most port – Kankesanturai – will get a 45 million euro makeover courtesy of the Dutch government.

US Admiral Fallon visiting Kankesanthurai naval camp, April 20, 2005, 2005/April/201.htm

Cabinet spokesperson and Health Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva on Wednesday said the Sri Lankan government agreed to sign an aid deal with the Netherlands to reconstruct the war ravaged northern port and restore the tsunami damaged rail signaling systems.

A total of 57 million euro will be available to Sri Lanka, with the port redevelopment taking 45 million euros.

The port redevelopment package includes 21.45 million in concessionary export credit with the rest coming as a grant.

Meanwhile, the 12 million grant for the rail signaling system will restore tsunami damages.

The signaling system was up for restoration long before the tsunami, with the railway authorities putting off investments due to a lack of funds.

Eelamnation Comments:

Military aid provided by the EU member, the Netherlands, is nothing but a disgraceful act, which the LTTE should hold about discussions with the Dutch authorities. [Kankesanthurai (KKS) port is the main supply route for the 40,000 Sri Lankan troops stationed in the Jaffna Peninsula, separated from the rest of the country by the LTTE-held Vanni -- Editor]

Under the guise of tsunami aid Europeans are providing aid to a military port held and ruined by the armed forces for the past 22 years. With an impending war, the GoSL is keen to upgrade the KKS port so that the Navy can efficiently use it for supplies and operations against Tamil civilians and the LTTE.

KKS port was not significantly damaged by the Tsunami.

Without consulting the Tamil Parliamentarians or the LTTE, how the Netherlands can justify providing military assistance for this military port is just mind-boggling.