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15 December 2005



The Sri Lankan Government pretends that the violence in the East of Sri Lanka is due to an internecine warfare between the LTTE and Karuna group, and the intolerance of the LTTE towards the Muslims.

We have repeatedly warned the international community that it is the same pre-independent East Timor scenario in which the Indonesian Government, army generals like Wiranto, and collaborator paramilitary groups played the key role. Fortunately the independent international media and courageous foreign diplomats and the UN exposed the Indonesian overnment's hypocrisy.

Unfortunately, the foreign media and foreign diplomats today are so lethargic as to repeat parrot-like what the Sinhala-dominated local media say in Sri Lanka. This is the time for foreign journalists to visit Sri Lanka and do independent investigations.

Two deserters from the Karuna group have let the cat out of the bag. Government hypocrisy is bared. According to these insiders, three Government Ministers, namely D.M. Jayaratne, Douglas Devananda and A.L.M. Athaullah, are directing the operations in the East - the ugly face of state terrorism. These ministers are visiting the terrorist camps of Karuna, the EPDP and Athaullah's armed group in army vehicles in the company of the security services' intelligence chiefs. Each operative is paid SL Rs 30,000.00 a month. Karuna is in India and a foreign country also is giving huge financial support.

A few years back Minister Douglas Devananda almost created a bloodbath between Tamils and Muslims in the East. He spread a rumour that a Muslim youth had been abducted by the LTTE. The said youth is a brother of a Muslim member of the EPDP. The youth turned out to be at home, hale and hearty. The police, on a cordon and search, arrested him at his home and the CID took him into custody. Ministers D.M. Jayaratne, Douglas Devananda and Athaullah are jointly directing the "Operation Chaos" in the East, killing Tamils, Muslims and Sinhala to put the blame on the LTTE and start a war. The Muslims have identified Athaullah's role in the killings, including the recent massacre in the mosque. Moslems have demonstrated against him for this.

The recent attack on a helicopter with small arms in Ampara is an internal job. If the LTTE had wanted to, they would have used missiles. The government is trying to show that the LTTE attacked an Italian delegation, thereby making them international terrorists.

Now, after five years of silence, the NMAT (National Movement Against
Terrorism) has staged a demonstration on 13 December 2005 opposite the EU office demanding the ban of the LTTE. The chief organiser of the NMAT Champika Ranawake, a former JVPer, is now the chief organiser of the Jathika Hela Urumaya. The same Maoists and radical Buddhists who are openly anti-West and anti-US are ultra-nationalists, sporting different names and banners to suit different occasions. They want Norway out as facilitator and the Scandinavian countries out of the monitoring mission. They feel that, if the EU also bans the LTTE, they could let loose Sinhala terrorism throughout Sri Lanka - a repeat of 1983.

President Mahinda Rajapakse has virtually abrogated the Ceasefire and started military operations in the NorthEast. He has shattered peace.

The EU should Not fall prey to the machinations of Sinhala terrorists. The best way for peace in Sri Lanka is to Lift the ban on the LTTE worldwide and work closely with them. Otherwise, the international community cannot stop Sinhala terrorism - state terrorism at that. If the international community fails in this histortic duty, they cannot expect the Tamils to lie low in the face of the emerging situation. Therefore the international community can neither be a party to, nor connive at, the eventuating situation. Please wake up.
R.Selvarajah, General Secretary
A.Theva Rajan, Co-ordinator