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If India Gets Involved in Developing the Palali Airport, Tamil Nadu will Turn Out to be Another Kashmir - Vaiko.

by Puthinam, Wednesday, December 21, 2005 (Translation from the Tamil by Appapillai Rajendra)

The Marumalarchi Dravida Munetra Kalagam (MDMK) General Secretary Vaiko warned that, if the Indian Government attempts to develop the Air Force base in Palali, Sri Lanka, then Tamilnadu will explode into another Kashmir.

Vaiko December 2005Vaiko made these observation last Monday in Erode, when he addressed a gathering at a function where S.P. Veerapandian released a book entitled ‘Periarin edathusari Tamil Thesiam

From times immemorial there has been evidence that the Eelam Tamils lived as a separate entity. Only when undue prominence was given by the State to Sinhala Language and Nationalism,  did the Tamil problem arise. The establishment of a separate state is the only solution to this vexed problem. 

‘I raised objections to the signing of the Indo Sri Lankan Military collaborative agreement to the Prime Minister, to Sonia Gandhi, and the Defense Minister in the recent past’ said Vaiko, and the agreement was dropped.

Vaiko further added that Donald Perera, the Commander of the Sri Lankan Air Force in Palali, said that the Palali Air Base is currently being renovated and improved with assistance from India, and that the Indian Officials are due there in the immediate future on an inspection tour.

This very Air Base was used by the Sri Lankan Army to kill innocent Tamils. Therefore, if this Base is developed, the Tamils will be in danger of annihilation. ‘The Taxes levied on the Tamils to kill the Tamils cannot be accepted,’ said Vaiko. 

India had once earlier helped Sri Lanka with Military assistance and the consequences were rather shameful. It should not repeat the same mistake again.  ‘Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh will not make any decision to get involved in their internal warfare, but I am aware that there are certain officials in the administration who are prepared to help Sri Lanka,’ said Vaiko.

Mr Vaiko requested the Spies, who are ever trailing him to take careful notes and convey them to the appropriate authorities, to note that ‘We don’t believe in violence, but should you help the Sri Lankan government to annihilate the Tamils, we will not be able to control the Tamil Nadu youth.’

‘I have often mentioned that India as not just a country, but a superpower in the subcontinent. Although Tamil has not got a place in the roster of  National languages, we show unity in diversity in the fabric of our nation.  By the same token, if the Tamils are endangered, we will not hesitate to fight for our rights. Pakistan took shape because of religion, Ireland on race, and Bangladesh on language. God forbid, India should be pushed into this situation,’ said Vaiko.

Tamil National Front Leader, Mr. Nedumaran, DMK General Secretary Kovai K. Ramakrishnan, and Film Producer Manivannnan participated in this function.