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Letter from Jaffna University Medical Students Union

His Excellency the President,
The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

Dear Sir,


We are shocked and dismayed by the violence unlashed against us in the past few days by the Sri Lankan security forces. The university students union and the university community decided to organize a protest March on 19/12/2005 and to submit a Memorandum to SLMM regarding violence against the innocent students.

Even this peaceful protest march was disrupted by forces. Protesters including the Vice Chancellor, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Professors, Lecturers and Students were badly beaten and fired upon by the Military. 14 of the protesters were injured. Among them, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, was beaten, Senior Lecturer Mr.Perimpanathan, received gun shot injury, the Medical Students Union president Mr.T.Gandeepan had severe head injury, and K.Pratheepan, a Medical student was injured.

On the next day (20/12/2005) Police and Army entered the university premises, opened fire indiscriminately and arrested staff member Mr.E.Ilampirayan and a student. They were badly beaten before release.

Further, in the recent days university students were threatened and assaulted on many occasions during the search operations carried out by the security forces. The house owners, who gave rented houses to students, also were threatened by the forces. Forces also have torn up the university identity cards, so students are now unable to use the university identity cards.

These acts of violence against the university community prompted the cancellation of all academic activities of the university until 01/01/2006. But it is still uncertain whether the situation will return to normalcy or it remains hostile when the academic activities are supposed to start..

So, we the students of the faculty of medicine, University of Jaffna strongly urge you to intervene and to help to bring back the normal situation.

We kindly inform you that we are unable to concentrate on our education properly until; you ensure our independence and secure education.

We are very keen to meet you and explain the present situation.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Vice President, Medical Students Union

1. The Prime Minister of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
2. The Leader of Opposition Party
3. The Minister of Higher Education
4. The Chairman, University Grants Commission
5. The Chancellor, University of Jaffna
6. Vice Chancellor, University of Jaffna
7. Dean, Faculty of Medicine, University of Jaffna
8. Student Counselor, Faculty of Medicine
9. Senior Treasurer, Medical Student Union
10. The Commissioner, European Commission
11. The Commissioner, Indian High Commission.
12. The Ambassador, American Embassy
13. The Commissioner, British High Commission.
14. The Ambassador, Norwegian Embassy
15. Ambassador, Canadian Embassy
16. Ambassador, Australian Embassy
17. Ambassador, Denmark Embassy
18. Rt.Rev.Dullip Thikera, Church Of Ceylon.
19. Rt.Rev.Dr.S.Jepanesan., Church of South India.
20. Rt.Rev.S.Thomas sountharanayaham, Church Of Catholic
21. T.Gandeepan, President, Medical Student Union
22. K.Pratheepan, Medical Student.
23. The Head, Hindu Kurumar sangam.
24. SLMM.
25. Commissioner, Human Rights Commission