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Vaiko's "Letters from Prison" Book Release

Venue - Murugan Temple
               733 Birchmount Road
               Scarborough, Toronto, Canada  

Date   -   January 14, 2006 (Pongal and Thamil New Year Day)  

Time - 3.00 pm  

The book "Siraiyil Virintha Madalkal" (Letters from Prison) written by Vaiko will be released on Pongal and Thamil New Year. The well bound hard-cover edition contains letters Vaiko wrote while imprisoned in Velore for nearly two years. He was charged under the POTA by a revengeful and vindictive Chief Minister Jayalalithaa who misused the POTA to unfairly arrest and jail Vaiko and seven others of his party stalwarts for speaking in support of the LTTE.  

Written in lucid literary style and running into more than 700 pages this book is a store house of wealth of historical information. Eighty letters covering our national struggle not included before had been included in this edition.  

The book is priced at Cdn$50.00 and only limited copies are available.   

Please make it a point to buy this book as a way of showing our gratitude to Vaiko for the unwavering and unflinching support for our national struggle for the last two decades against heavy odds and even to the extent of going to prison. 

Video speeches by Vaiko and Poet Kasi Anandan will be screened. 

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