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Mr. De Chickera's Fantasy

by Wakeley Paul, Esq.

Do agreements have any sanctity, and if not, of what use are they to anyone?

Mr De Chickera’s conclusions at the end of his article in TamilWeek on the abduction of members of the TRO make it obvious that the Sinhalese, in a strained bid to cover up their inexcusable behavior in the NorthEast, will flounder from one desperate expedient to another, to worm themselves out of their embarrassment.

Army checkpoint Trinco Jan 2005Having considered the likelihood that the abduction could have been the act of the S.L Armed forces acting in collusion with the Karuna group, and having considered the possibility that this was an act of the Karuna forces acting on their own, De Chickera spun out his final spurious third alternative. “The LTTE are responsible for the entire drama, and the security forces are so incompetent, they cannot  prove it, despite being in possession of eyewitness accounts.”

Let us analyze this far fetched  third alternative. The abductions took place in the vicinity of an army checkpoint. If so, why aren’t there available witnesses from the armed forces?  Was it because they were acting in collusion with the abductors? Can you imagine, if there were eyewitness accounts, regardless of where the abductions took place  and neither the Karuna group or the SLA were involved, that the government would not have promptly accused the LTTE of a devious scam, rather than meekly denying that their armed forces had no part in the abduction?

If they had eyewitness accounts, what was to prevent them from using these witnesses to scandalize the LTTE, if this was an LTTE scam? Or is it because the government had to resort to every possible expedient to shield the perpetrators from exposure, that they cannot use these eyewitnesses to their advantage? Mr De Chickera’s final alternative reeks with a degree of naiveté that is nothing short of out-and-out embarrassing.

One might, therefore, ask: Is destiny conspiring to prevent us from meeting with Mr Rajapakse in Geneva, or is Mr Rajapakse and his government doing all it can to prevent being embarrassed at the prospect of such a head to head confrontation with the LTTE? Do they fear that their violations of the CFA will be not only exposed for all the world to see, but that they would be obliged to comply with the CFA's terms?

Is the government, in accord with its directives, ready to neutralize the Karuna forces, eliminate the high security zones and confine their armed forces to barracks, or will they try to wriggle out of their obligations by now claiming that these conditions are impossible of performance?  Will they blame their own previous government, in which Mr Rajapakse was  a cabinet Minister, who agreed to its terms, of having sold the Sinhalese down the drain?

Will the IC state with icy frankness that the government is playing games by finding new excuses for not complying with the terms of the original CFA agreement,  or will they wilt and sympathize with the government’s excuses for not so complying? 

Can the LTTE be expected to give any credence to any agreements if that were to happen? Do agreements have any sanctity, and if not, of what use are they to anyone?

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