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The CFA Controversy

by Kail Rajah

Let them say what they want to the kavun-eating Sinhalese - The salmon-eating sudhas and the  thala-thel rubbing demalus aren’t buying any more.

It is indeed quite amusing that the hottest topic in paradise is whether the CFA was explicitly or at least implicitly “changed” at the Geneva meetings. Perhaps it is only a clever and intentional distraction, to keep the Sinhala mind away from probing the pros and cons of the commitments that have been now written in the proverbial stone.

The long and short of it is, the Government has now committed to implementing specific provisions of the CFA that were signed in 2002, and any contravention will be officially recorded and reported and will have consequences. From 2002 to date, the implementation was allowed to lapse at the whim and fancy of the State only because the Government faced no explicit consequences. THAT HAS NOW CHANGED.

The LTTE should actually stay firmly and completely away from the discussions, and not get into the mud-wrestling. Nimal Siripala and his entourage, in spite of the brushing and polishing by the Ivy Leaguers, along with Mahinda - who was left behind in the company of the wise owls of the JayJay’s from the south - got bombed out right royally with their opening salvos of unconstitutionality proving to be a pure and complete dud (pus vedhi), if there was one!

Bala knows it; Mahinda knows it; Solheim knows it and  both de Silvas know it - the era of consistent duping of the Tamils and the Internationals by the Sinhala rulers have now come to a stop. Now, they have only the Sinhalas they could con, and that is the only way to save their fat bottoms. Let them say what they want to the kavun-eating Sinhalese - The salmon-eating sudhas and the  thala-thel rubbing demalus aren’t buying any more.

The LTTE has got the Government to make a commitment to implement what was agreed upon five years ago. Internationals have consented to play referee.

What was done is a commitment to implement the provisions as specified in the agreement, not to change the agreement. However, if the genius lawyer wants to interpret that as “changing and constitutionalizing” the agreement, and if that will save his face, his job and his skin, why not let him have that concession?  Let the joint SL rulers call it what they want to drown Southern opposition and save their backs. Or, maybe, let the SLFP, UNP, JVP and the JHU quibble and wrestle among themselves.

The SL Team has made the commitments the LTTE wanted. They did it with full consultation with the President and advisors from all segments of the ruling party. President has acknowledged complete satisfaction and pride in the result. As long as it is their own constituency that they now have to con, and not the Tamils and the Internationals, let them do so: why give legitimacy to the argument by challenging it officially? Let them celebrate, let them proclaim victory; let them even have another round of kavun – we will even pay!

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