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Letter re TRO Abductions


His Excellency
Temple Trees

March 24, 2006

Re: The abduction of TRO humanitarian workers

Dear Sir,

It is with a deep sigh of pain that I put pen to paper.  I am neither a politician nor am I a person of any clout, or even importance that you should take account of this letter. However I write to you, Sir, as a fellow human person who has faith in dharma and karuna (compassion) like your good self.   

The express purpose of this letter is not to give details of this inhumane act.  No doubt you are furnished with pertinent information of such sensitive matters. I plead that you would intervene on behalf of the following persons, who were abducted in January 2006.  Many reports in the Media seem to suggest that they “involuntarily disappeared” into the arms of paramilitary groups that are operating alongside State Forces in the Tamil areas. 

These following persons are civilians, as you are well aware of, and more importantly all of them are bread-winners of their poor families: 

Kasinathar Ganeshalingam (m), aged 50, Director of the Tamils Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) and Co-ordinator of Pre-School Education Development Centre
Kathirkamar Thangarasa (m), aged 43, TRO Driver
Thanuskody Premini (f), aged 25, Chief Accountant for TRO in Batticaloa
Shanmuganathan Sujendram (m), TRO Accountant, Mankikkavasar Children's Home
Thambiraja Vasantharajan (m), TRO Accountant, Batticaloa
Kailayapillai Ravindran (m), aged 26, TRO Accountant, Vipulananda Children's Home
Arunesarasa Satheesharan (m), TRO Accounts Trainee, Vellavali

Your Excellency, the families of these individuals are dying to know whether their loved ones are alive or dead.  Many of them feel that the lives of these individuals are not of much value and significance simply because they are poor.

My intercession is that that these human beings will be released alive and well from the clutches of these sinister abductors in order for them to safely return home. Such an action is vital for the dignity of every human person and perhaps for Geneva Talks.  

Sir, you have the power to do some thing about it.

Many Thanks,

Revd B J Alexander

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