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NESOHR: Challenge to Justice and the Rule of LawNESOHR - NorthEast Secretariat On Human Rights


North East Secretariat on Human Rights (NESOHR) – Statement

April 7, 2006

Challenge to Justice and the Rule of Law

We are reliably informed that in the District of Trincomalee during the period 17 November 2005 to 23 January 2006, although eighteen persons have been murdered, in none of the cases, after further investigation, has any suspect been produced in Court as directed by the Magistrate.

Details of the inquest proceedings are given below.

It is disturbing that in a so-called democratic country people will lose confidence in Justice and the Rule of Law unless action is taken to punish such serious crimes.

It is even more dangerous that the criminals will continue their criminal activities with impunity.

Further, the fact that in many of these cases, like in that of the five innocent students who were individually executed at the Trincomalee Dutch Bay Beach (Inquest Nos: 01/2006A to 2006E), it is alleged that the perpetrators of the crime are policemen (STF members), while in the 3rd Mile Post murders the perpetrators are believed to be members of the other Armed Forces and the incident is said to have taken place in the presence of the Police, the people may be right in thinking that the non-pursuance of the suspects is done deliberately.

We strongly urge that action is taken without delay to bring the culprits to book.

Inquest No: Date of Incident: Name of the Deceased:
1)   125/2005 17.11.2005  R.A. Hemapala
2)   139/2005  11.12.2005   

David Micheal Colin

3)   140/2005 11.12.2005 Rajudeen Rajadarai
4)   147/2005 02.12.2005   K.B. Hemasiri
5)   163/2005 14.12.2005 S. Antony
6)   165/2005 25.12.2005  Inparatnam Ramanan
7)   166/2005  19.12.2005 H. Chandradasa
8)   167/2005 24.12.2005 W. Albert Henry
9)   174/2005  25.12.2005 Jeyasundaram Vijayaseelan
10) 177/2005 27.12.2005 W. Belpage Sunil
11) 01/2006A 02.01.2006 Manoharan Rajeehar
12) 01/2006B          -do- Shanmugarajah Sayendran
13) 01/2006C         -do- Logithasan Rohanth
14) 01/2006D         -do- Thangathurai Sivananda
15) 01/2006E         -do- Yogarajah Hemanchandran
16) 07/2006A 17.01.2006 Wincent Christopher
17) 07/2006B         -do- Sellathurai Selvarajah
18)      ?     23.01.2006 Subramaniam Sugirtharajah

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