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Mourning Mr. Vigneswaran

by Bavan, Sangam discussion space, April 7, 2006

Vanniyasingam Vigneswaran I am still in shock. We have lost a great man. We have lost one of our guardians. Living among the lions Vigna uncle did everything to protect our Tamil brethren in Trinco.

I came to know about Vigna uncle through my relatives in Trinco. Surrounded by vultures, the people of Trinco have endured a lot during the past 4 years. But the presence of Vigna uncle at least gave them peace of mind.

Vigna uncle is a great example as to what an individual can do to free our people. With courage, brutal honesty and selfless acts, Vigna uncle continued his battle tirelessly. Despite death threats and attempted assassination attempts Vigna uncle stayed among his people, took part in their suffering and gave voice to those voiceless.

We have lost many people like Vigna uncle over the past 4 years. Some were just ordinary people. Others were well known figures. Even more were our soldiers and commanders. We have paid a huge price for this "fake peace." Very little has changed on the ground. Ordinary people are suffering even more.

During the same period the SL government has transformed itself into a true terrorist state. States friendly to the SL government themselves are run mostly by despots. The so-called International Community is only interested in the Stock Market, economic growth and privatisation. Some of them are interested in using this conflict to achieve their own ends.

Campaigning in Trincomalee 2004 - TamilNet
I think it is about time the leadership take some political decisions as to how we are going to proceed from here. We should use the Geneva forum to send a message to the so-called self-appointed "International Community" that we are ready to make our own political decisions and defend those decisions using all resources at our disposal.

On this sad day I am remembering the other souls we have lost. Joseph iya, Tharaki Sivaram, Nadasan and on and on... As Tharaki used to say, there is no point in talking to the SL Government. His words are still ringing in my ears. SL is a failed state. Let us take unilateral decisions, disengage from this failed state and move ahead.

Finally to the SL Government:

We Eelam Tamils, no matter where we live, would always be with our suffering brethren. It is our land. You are killing our fathers and brothers. You are raping our mothers and sisters. No matter what you do, we will never surrender our freedom.

To the "International Community":

Just leave us alone. Enough of your advice. Do keep supporting these despots while their countrymen suffer. Keep pocketing all the returns. Don't pretend that you care for us. We know how to care for our own brethren. We know how to protect their freedom, human rights, child rights, women's rights, democracy, pluralism and so on. Don't call our guardians terrorists. They are protecting us from these murderers and rapists. Do you call your police terrorists, too?.

To Vigna Uncle and Family:

Brave men never die. Their story never ends. We will carry on and make their dream come true.

(photos courtesy TamilNet, map courtesy LTTE Peace Secretariat)

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