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by Fr Chandi Sinnathurai

Tamil Tayi Trincomalee April 2006

Haunted and hunted

There she lies in her mother soil

Knifed in the back…

Her blood spills on the ground

Murdered for the crime

Of being born a Thamil Tayi

She falls kissing the soil

Alone; alone she dies                                  

In the hands of the mob

It’s neither the gun nor the knife

It's racism that took her life!

She might be…

Someone’s mother or a sister

Or someone’s belovéd wife

She could even be a motherless child

But one thing for sure;

She’s a Thamil Tayi.

Alone; in the midst of the crowd she dies

In the hands of racist cries

As a nameless Tayi


For the world at large

                                           She’s another fatality

                                           A faceless “number”

                                               In the nameless statistics

                                                             Just another Human rights breach

                                                         Which is better not talked about

                                                Because she is not part of

                                   “The power bloc”

                                                 Hypocrisy’s mental block!

                                              As she lies in her blood

                                               She speaks to the world

                                        Strips them bare naked;

                                                 Shames their corrupt conscience

Mocks the sold out “intellectuals”

And screwed up wordsmiths

Bought over for a mere 30 pieces of silver

Human rights! Human wrongs!

By her death silence…

         She teaches the world

NOT to keep quiet

About the plight of the

Eelam Thamils

She lies in her mother soil

As a nameless Thamil Tayi





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