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TRO Appeal for Trinco Refugees



Temporary Shelter materials and other items for required for immediate relief for IDPs from Trinco Riots.

TRO is making an “URGENT APPEAL” for monetary assistance for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who have been displaced beginning 12 April 2006 in the Trincomalee Town and District due to anti-Tamil rioting.  Thus far TRO and Local NGOs are caring for 998 families which have been displaced to IDP camps due to the fear of being targeted in the continuing communal violence.  The security situation continues to deteriorate and more individuals are displaced every day.  Some of these families are staying in the homes of friends and relatives and thus not being counted or provided with relief.

Many of these IDPs have had their homes and businesses burned to the ground and had to leave with only the items they could carry; often this was only the clothes on their backs.

TRO is making this URGENT APPEAL due to the lack of any response from the authorities and humanitarian agencies.  Funds are urgently required to purchase tents, food, and non-food relief (kitchen items, clothes, sleeping mats… etc)

Camps details:

Kalaimaka School  180 Families 586 persons
Anpuvalipuram Church 66 Families 315 persons
Port School 400 Families 1,250 persons
Anpuvalipuram School 82 Families   294 persons
Kanniya, Mangaiyuttu, Peeliyadi 244 Families 746 persons (at Village)
Perunteru   26 Families 115 persons (at Village)
Total 998 3,306

For more information or support, contact:

Arjunan Ethirveerasingam
Media Spokesperson
Sri Lanka Mobile: +94 77 674 6594

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