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Report From Medical Team in Muthur

May 5, 2006

Dear doctor,

Here is the brief report from Muthur sent by our medical team. As they are busy with the workload they couldn’t send a detailed report. Once they are supported by another team or we are able to reach them with an evaluation team we'll be able send you a detailed report with updates. Please help us to provide the services successfully as was during Tsunami disaster. Tap all our partner organizations for any kind of assistance for our programme.

In the Muthur east region of Trincomalee district, you would know about the displacement of people from their homes to so-called safety places which are about 10 to 15 Km distance.

They are suffering under the trees with their children and babies under sunny days and chilling nights.

Some families started to move back to their home 2 days back. But again they are moving to safety places following gunfires of Navy in the sea yesterday.

Sampoor Hospital, which is near to the bombarded coast, is not functioning due to absence of doctors.

There are no doctors in Eachchilampattu Hospital where the basic facilities are available. The doctor worked there has failed to attend duty since the aerial bombardment.

Thileepan mobile medical service of the LTTE is giving the emergency medical service and wound care.

The SL military prevents people to move to government-controlled area on both sides, both Trinco and Batticaloa.

One mother of three children died of bleeding following traumatic -amputation of hand. The SL army at checkpoint prevented her when ICRC carried her to Trinco. There are Health Care Centres in the following locations:

1.Thankapuram 402 families 1308 people 75 under five
 2. Partarlipuram 1505 families 4660 people 175 under five
3. Nallur 189 fam..  615 p........ ...
4. Illankai thurai 674 f.... 2470 p... 240 u.f.c  
5. Punnaiyadi 507 f....  1911 p...  96  u.f.c.
6. Kalladi 145 f..... 425 p..... 26  u.f.c.
7. Verukal  298 f... 1680 p.... 61  ufc
Total 3720 13069 673+

The area was badly affected by Tsunami and people just started to recover from the losses. Now they are being helpless because of the isolation and inappropriate media blackouts.

Urgent NEEDS identified are

  1. Tents and blankets to be provided for the families under trees.
  2. Regular food supply particularly for the infants, children, pregnant mothers and diseased has to be ensured until normalcy.
  3. Temporary toilet Systems have to be installed at identified sites.
  4. Safe drinking water supply is organized by THS but limitations of funds may reduce the quality of the service. Safe waste disposal is another concern if the situation lasts for long.
  5. Funds for basic health services in the area, particularly for supplies and maintenance of medical teams that are provide the services with the help of community volunteers.
  6. Supply of medicines and IV fluids, which are running short. Some are Out of stock.
  7. Supply of Other non-food and sanitary items.

    Yours, Vaman.

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