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Letter to Mr. Idaikadar

by Usha S Sri Skanda Rajah, June 3, 2006

You are one of the “Gandhis” of today; Gandhi fasted to free the people of India and you to free your dear brethren.  

Dear Mr. Idaikaadar, 

We send you lots and lots of love from afar from Canada; packed together with feelings of awe and admiration. You are one of the “Gandhis” of today; Gandhi fasted to free the people of India and you to free your dear brethren.  

We pray that your plea through fasting is heard far and wide loud and clear by everyone, including the Queen, Tony Blair, his cabinet, the EU and the whole of the International Community. 

You have the whole Tamil Diaspora behind you; and as the thought waves come rushing to you from all corners of the word, let your spirits soar.  

Let every cell in your body be energized and may every organ work with renewed vigor; let your diabetic condition not cause concern; instead let your blood glucose be at normal levels without the doctor’s intervention.  

May your mission to draw attention to the plight of Tamils living in the NorthEast be accomplished that they may live in peace and be free from violence perpetrated by the state. 

May your vision and ours be realized and may a lasting peace become a reality for the people of Tamil Eelam so that they may enjoy the right to self determination without discrimination and persecution.   

You will have the prayers of many grateful Tamils on your side; an unseen hand would be taking care of you. With divine guidance may you stay connected and remain focused; if ever you need help contemplate on AUM the Divine Word and you would overcome anything.  

May your heightened awareness remove all pain and discomfort; keeping you strong and inspired the whole time of your fast. 

You are man of resolve, a man of substance, a man of principles, a man of discipline and a man of faith. Not many would have the determination and commitment you have, you are a politician worthy of support and you have mine! 

May you emerge victorious!


02nd June 2006



Thaya Idaikadar who is a British Citizen of Sri Lankan origin, has started his hunger strike at 12 PM, outside the Houses of Parliament to draw attention to the plight of Tamils in Sri Lanka.   He has been driven to take this desperate measure because of the escalating attacks on Tamil civilians in recent weeks. The fragile ceasefire between the Sri Lankan government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam is breaking down and Tamil civilians are being targeted in daily acts of violence and savagery.

He is in full vigour and he is expected to continue for 101 hours.