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Champion of Tamils' Rights - Dr. S. Ramadoss

by K.T. Kumaran, TamilWeek, July 15

“I never stopped speaking for the welfare of Eelam Tamils. In fact I continue to do it today, and my son and grandson too will be voices for them."

“I never stopped speaking for the welfare of Eelam Tamils. In fact I continue to do it today, and my son and grandson too will be voices for them, said Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) founder Dr S Ramadoss today in New Jersey.

Dr. Ramadoss spoke at a welcome function organized by the World Tamil Organization of Chicago in honour of the PMK founder.

He stated that unlike during the governing by a “Madam” in the past ten years, the present Chief Minister M Karunanidhi wants to be helpful to the Eelam Tamils. Ours is an umbilical connection, but “Madam” never cared he quipped. ‘Kalaignar’ may be at odds with the militants over the past but he is very much eager of taking positive actions for the welfare of Eelam Tamils, affirmed Dr. Ramadoss. “Our duty is to increase this earnest desire”, he said. And added he will never be reluctant to carry on his responsibilities.

Dr. Ramadoss said that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh too renders favourable tendencies in acting towards the welfare of Tamils. But he said the Government of India is ill advised by top brass whose names he didn’t want to reveal, since the time of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. He also criticized the “people” who control the press for manipulating the public opinion and not bringing out the true plight of the Eelam Tamils.

Incidentally, he also said that PMK-supported “Makkal TV” is scheduled to go on the air in August. PMK also has a daily Tamil newspaper, Tamil Osai, on its side, which recently hit the stands. Dr. S. Ramadoss quoted Eelam Poet Kasi Anandan, “there is no Thamizh here but only Thamingilam” (There is no Tamil here, only Tamilenglish) when chidingly speaking of the mass media’s impact on culture.

Dr S Ramadoss said the supply of two radars to Sri Lanka by the Government of India was a ‘big mistake’. He charged the Rajapakse government with blatant violation of human rights of Eelam Tamils and staging a ploy that Sri Lanka is a ‘friend’ of India.

Dr S Ramadoss said that a transperant Indo-Sri Lankan dialogue is essential in the future and anticipates similar transactions to cease in the future.

Dr. S. Ramadoss also spoke of his son, Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss, who is the youngest Minister in the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s cabinet, in charge of Health, receiving the Luther L Terry Award from the American Cancer Society.

The American Cancer Society has hailed India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare as “a model to which other nations may aspire” and given it the award for Exemplary Leadership by a Government Ministry.

Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss received the Luther L Terry Award, named after a former US surgeon general who authored a landmark 1964 report connecting tobacco use to lung cancer and other illnesses, at a special ceremony in Washington on Friday.

Dr. S. Ramadoss was bestowed the title, “Thamizhina urimai Kavalan” (Champion of Tamils’ Rights) by the Chicago-based World Tamil Organization. Dr. S. Ramadoss was honoured as a remarkable leader in acting with boldness (thunnivu) like ‘Thanthai’ Periyar, having simplicity and intellect (ellimai & sinthanai) like ‘Arignar’ Anna and possessing ‘Karmaveerar’ Kamarajar’s dedication and humanity (uzhaippu & ullam).

Dr. S Ramadoss at WTO meeting Chicago July 2006

Dr. Ramadoss being honoured by Dr. M.N. Krishnan, co-chair of the celebrations committee of the recently concluded 2006 FETNA Conference

Eelam Tamils attending the function expressed their gratitude to Dr. S. Ramadoss, and many Tamils from Tamil Nadu expressed their relief that a decade of fear even to express simple moral support to Eelam Tamils is behind them.

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