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Voice from the Peninsula...!

Voice from Peninsula….!


175 thousand families,
Around 600 thousand people
Feel that
They live in foreign Country,
There is no way
To move.
From 11th of August 2006,
Still Curfew is strictly declared,
No food,
No security,
No school,
Limited electricity,
Limited transport,
Limited cash withdrawal,
4 pages of news papers…….

Everything is limited,
So, people feel that
“We are not Sri Lankans”,
Where others live in

People feel they are
Not Sri Lankans,
There is no “voice of solidarity”
From our colleagues even.

There are families
Who have “Maravalli” (manioc)
For all 3 meals,
Who have one meal a day,
Who manage their meals with
Biscuits & plain tea &
A few who have enough
Food …….

We hear that
Many ships left for
Peninsula with
Many metric tons
Of essential food,
Do you know reality?

Do you know how much
Of food items that
People are being provided
For the past one and a half month…?   

½ a kilo sugar,
¾ a kilo dhal,
½ liter kerosene,
2 kilo flour per family and
1 kilo rice per person,
That’s relief for
m & “,” cards,
For others for Money….!

Still people wonder,
Where the Stock is
That Government
Says, “There is enough food”.

Do you know?

Government says,
“There is enough fuel”
But, no public transport,
A liter petrol Rs.500/=,
A liter kerosene Rs.100/=
In black market,
That also only for
Faithful customers.

That’s true,
This is the prosperous time
For black marketers,
Where they sell,
For Rs. 200/= a kilo sugar,
Rs. 40/= a soap,
Rs. 175/= a tin fish,
Rs. 850/= ten kilo rice,
Rs. 105/= a kilo flour & etc…..
And they are very happy
Than ever.

We came to know,
A media group
Came to peninsula…
And they did not miss
To visit the war zone area
Where there are no human beings,
But, conveniently missed to visit or see
The reality of people
Where there are thousands
Of people being displaced,
Killed & abducted.

Prayer always with reality,
It’s not “Manthiram”
Do you pray for us?

If  that is so,
We are proud of you,
And we are proud to be
If  you are
With our “REALITY”…!

God bless.

                                                22 / 09 / 2006.


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