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Requiem for Mahinda

A Retrospective

by Fr. Chandi Sinnathurai


                                              Why, why
                                       There’s a constant cry
                                      Deep within my Mother-soil

                                               Why, why
                                        None will hear my cry
                                       Droopy eyes and dragon flies

                                                Why, why
                                         The Kfir jets high
                                      Killing innocents from the sky

                                                 Why, why
                                            The “Quartets” ply
                                       Rehearsing peace overture rather sly

                                                  Why, why
                                        Hunger pains and bloodless veins
                                        Razor wires and throttling chains

                                       Faceless quislings’ betraying bows
                                       Restless stray dogs milking cows       

                                       Torture camps and mass graves
                                       Future scoffs at past slaves
                                       Cross dressers in saffron robes
                                       Half-closed eyes; long ear lobes.

                                        Why, why
                                       Wingless birds humming
                                       Flightless rhymes
                                       Word-smiths ‘n Jack boots
                                       Formed today a spineless club

                                        Why, why?
                                       Don’t you cry…
                                       The Laughing Buddha smiled
                                       The day Mahinda died.

                                      (The day conscience died)


Dedicated to the memory of the 51 children who died in the aerial bombing of the Sri Lankan Air Force.

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