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7 Abducted TRO Aid Workers Not Included in CoI


24 November 2006

Abduction of 7 TRO Aid Workers Not Included in List of Cases to be Investigated by Presidential Commission of Inquiry

It is with concern that the Tamils Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) learns that the case of the abduction of seven (7) TRO aid workers on 29 & 30 January 2006 has not been included on the list of 15 cases that the Commission of Inquiry appointed by His Excellency President Rajapaksa is mandated to “investigate and inquire into”. 

Almost 10 months have passed since the abduction of these aid workers and neither TRO nor the families have to date received any feedback or reports from any investigating authorities.

TRO appeals to His Excellency the President of Sri Lanka and the Commissioners to expand the mandate of the Commission of Inquiry to include the case of the 7 TRO Aid Workers. 

TRO is ready, willing and able to provide any assistance required by the Commission of Enquiry.

The names of the disappeared TRO aid workers are as follows:

Mr. THANGARASA KATHIRKAMAR                   
(N.I.C. not available**)

(N.I.C. 850032130V)

(N.I.C. 842883806V)

Mr. RAVINDRAN KAILAYAPILLAI                             
(N.I.C. 821361800V)

Ms. PREMINI THANUSHKODI                                      
(N.I.C. 815840950V)

Mr. VASANTHARAJAN THAMIRAJA                        
(N.I.C. 831611260V)

Mr. KASINATHAR GANESHALINGAM                      
(N.I.C. not available)

Mr. Ganeshalingam is a member of the TRO Board of Directors and Assistant Director of the Pre School Education Development Centre (PSEDC).


Arjunan Ethirveerasingam
Project Manager TRO (Colombo)
Media Spokesperson
UK Mobile: +44 7758 649198
Sri Lanka Mobile: +94 77 674 6594

** N.I.C.= National Identity Card

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