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Association of Tamils of Sri Lanka in the USA

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by Usha Sri-skanda-rajah

Gloriosa lily

They went to the battle field
Never afraid to die
Brave soldiers they were
They did it for you and I

The glory of Thamil Eelam
Was their single, unwavering goal
Defending their Motherland
Was in their very soul

Possessed of both integrity and discipline
Absolute mastery of skill and mind
Trained by a Phenomenal, True Leader
A superior class of Freedom Fighters, they are a rare find

They shed their sacred blood
To save us from tears
So that we may live and give our sweat
For Thamil Eelam’s future years

Never flinching if the tide turned
Never faltering, that’s why never spurned
Men and Women of valour they were
Never retreating with their backs turned

They had sworn an oath and lived by that oath
They were not mercenaries, hired to kill
Try as they did the enemy could not break them
Acclaimed as Martyrs they were known, for their unshakable will

They had dreams not selfish whims
They fell, so that we could rise all at once
From slavery to freedom
From depravation to ample abundance

If you are a Thamilan
Worthy of your great race
You would know that they have been
Our only real saving grace

They are the sustaining spirit
Behind every courageous battle
They give us strength and it’s our strength
That will carry us through the freedom struggle

18,743 and counting of our finest Men and Women
Of unmatched bravery and unparalleled courage
Our Best tribute to them is not only to worship their memorials
But keep the torch burning and incessantly carry their message

By their selfless dedication, for justice for their people
They have made the ultimate sacrifice ever
They did not die, but have transcended death
And have found a place in the people’s hearts, as the Greatest Heroes ever

When Freedom is won and Thamil Eelam is proclaimed
When we sit down to think and assess
In the final analysis, it would be said
That the Maveerar were the bulwark, the pillars of our hard fought success

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