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Pirapaharan: Vol.1, Chap. 3 The Unexpected Explosion

by T. Sabaratanam Chapter 3. The Unexpected Explosion  Volume 1, Chapter 2 ORIGINAL INDEX OF SERIES Original Volume 1, Chapter 3 Karikalan Thangathurai, known as mama, uncle, was in charge of the secret group. There were about 25 youths, most of them from Valvettithurai and relatives. In early 1970, Thangathurai bought two revolvers, of .22 and .38… Read more »

Pirapaharan: Vol.1, Chap.2, Going in for a Revolver

by T. Sabaratnam Volume 1, Chapter 1 Original index of series Original Volume 1, Chapter 2 Chapter 2: Going in for a revolver Conviction Reinforced Venugobal master’s arguments that parliamentary democratic methods would yield no result reinforced Pirapaharan’s childhood conviction that hitting back is the only option available to the Tamils. The 14–year boy placed his… Read more »

Pirapaharan: Vol.1, Chap. 1, Why Did He Not Hit Back?

Pirabaharan By T. Sabaratnam Volume 1, Introduction, Part 2 Original index of series Original Volume 1, Chapter 1 Chapter 1: Why didn’t he hit back? “Why didn’t he hit back,” was Pirapaharan’s reaction when he heard from his father, Thiruvenkadam Velupillai, about the burning of the Panadura Pillayar Kovil priest. His father, an admirer of the Federal Party… Read more »

T. Sabaratnam: Pirapaharan, Vol.1, Intro., Part 2

Pirapaharan  By: T. Sabaratnam Introduction (Continued) Original index of series Original Volume 1, Chapter 1 The Language  Tamil youths had been radicalized by the late 1960s.  Language is a matter that touches the heart of every Tamil. They are proud of the antiquity and richness of their language, and linguistic nationalism is part of the psyche of… Read more »

T. Sabaratnam: Pirapaharan, Vol. 1, Intro. Part 1

From the Editor Mr. T. Sabaratnam wrote a history of V. Pirapaharan from 2007-2010 that was posted on the Sangam website.  This history is of the period BEFORE the war began and dwells on the root causes and the background of those involved.  As most of this material is not available elsewhere from a Tamil… Read more »