A Tamil Freedom Movement is at war with the Sri Lanka government.
The Sri Lanka government regularly accuses  the Tamils of undue violence.
Many of the crimes attributed to the Tamils were actually committed by
Agents of the government.

The government in Sri Lanka says that the turmoil in that island is "Terrorism by the Tamil people." All defensive actions by the Tamils against state oppression and tyranny are depicted simply as - "Terrorism."

Here are the facts.

The government in Sri Lanka and its agents (army, paramilitary forces & a civilian force of Sinhala hooligans)  are responsible for well over 90 percent of the civilian deaths in this conflict.

Anywhere from 40,000 to 70,000 Tamil civilians have been killed by the Sri Lanka government.

The number attributed the Tamil resistance movement (LTTE) is about 1,500 - 2,000 'civilians.' [The government owned "Daily News" (4 March 1996) put the figure at 3571].

Propaganda by the Sri Lanka government, however, creates an illusion of the opposite. A variety of disinformation techniques are used to accomplish this illusionary picture.

The following pages contain examples of the efforts to slander the Tamils.


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