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Responses to 'A Proposal' II

Continuation of responses to Dr. K Chandradeva's October 16, 2006 "A Proposal for Normalcy"

Part 1


Varman --

Good luck with your revised proposal. Hope you'll be able to do something tangible regarding the health service situation of our children in NE with the help of your organisation MIOTA UK. An appeal from a professional organisation would go very far in getting funding from not only from Tamils, but other humanitarian sources and funding agencies.

Could someone answer to this - supposing we seperate Eelam without international community support, then there is a chance our state institutions [health, education, etc] will further deteriorate owing to lack of funding and we might be in deep trouble like what is happening to the Palestenians now?!
You use the phrase "expert". That is created by the Media. Any fool can be an 'expert' for the moment. Like that Rohan Nobody (St Andrews!) is a terrorrism expert.

You may not be an expert, but mind you! you are a specialist.

GravatarDr K Chandradeva --

Varman, we need at least £10 billion to rebuild the NE from scratch and this factor MUST be taken in to account when we formulate our strategy. Whether Eelam or FS, without £10b on the table, we'll be another banana republic.

If things go in the right way, I have no doubt we will have the finest healthcare in the Southeast. A professor of paediatrics (UK) who visited the NE about 2 years ago, said to me that the LTTE has developed one of the finest primary healthcare he has ever seen. We have the ingredients to do the job provided there is normalcy.


Varman --

Dr C: Banana republic? Not good at all. Perhaps Democratic Socialist Republic of Tamil Eelam with the finest healthcare, welfare and free society. £10bn!! That means we need the support of the IC. Japan, India, and China might be of some help to us in this area. I doubt that the 'Normalcy' you propose for an interim period until TE becomes a reality will bear much tangible results. Until such time, your organisation and other related professional bodies might be able to help. At least a little drop in the ocean. That should keep our youngsters above the poverty line.

By the way, wouldn't it be a good idea if you were to meet our leadership in Geneva this time(?) and hand in your revised proposals for peace and healthcare development.

Federal set-up might not be the best answer. But we shall see how things pan out...
Mikka Nandri.

Dr. K Chandradeva --

Varman: Geneva? Whoops! Nantri, I still have all my four limbs intact!!

Anon --

Dr Chandradeva - You seem to believe LTTE to be some sort of a glorified violent gang that is quite capable of stooping to such low tactics!?

If that is the case, (which I have reservations), don't you think the state they run would reflect that. Any comments?

If an organisation is so infantile that it cannot cope with opposite views and diverse opinions, then we are in serious danger of copying the Sinhalese state. Do you believe that to be the case? Elucidate.
Thank you.

Dr. K Chandradeva --


Sorry I did not mean to say that at all. My jokes always get misfired!!

I consider the LTTE as the most disciplined and successful politico-military organisation which defends most oppressed people of the NE. Let there be no doubt about that.

There were some aberrations on human rights issues along its very long path of history which I sincerely hope and believe would be the thing of the past.

Dear Professor Ramasamy,

Let me say a big thank you for joining this debate.

I did not realise your identity earlier and I regret I did not address you appropriately: please accept my apologies. I have heard and read a lot about you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your unceasing support for the most oppressed people of the NE.

Because of the protracted nature of the ongoing war, I became seriously concerned about the humanitarian crisis. As you might know, according to the UN figures published ~ 3 months ago, the incidence of severe malnutrition in children in the NE is 60% (30% for Sri Lanka). In the current calamity I am afraid this might have shot up to 80%, which is extremely worrying. I learn that a large number of small children are languishing and begging outside the army camps in Jaffna for left-over and discarded food. This clearly illustrates the gravity of the catastrophe.

Furthermore, thousands of children do not get education as their schools have been bombed or occupied by the SLAF. To complicate this issue, everyday more and more orphans are added to the growing list of orphanages. A couple of days ago, a 28-yr-old fisherman, a father of 5 children was shot dead in Jaffna by the SLAF/Paramilitary gang. Just imagine the plight of these children and the poor mother.

The GOSL appears to be using hunger as a tool to oppress the people. We need to take decisive action to stop this catastrophe causing irreversible damage to our society.

Now there is a military stalemate and a political settlement is unlikely in the near future. Although there is a ceasefire agreement in place, it has become completely irrelevant. Therefore, we need to devise a new mechanism to keep the violence to a minimum; hence I came up with my proposal. The desirable features of this proposal are:

• Confining the SLAF to the barracks
• Deployment of an international peace-keeping force in the NE
• Some normalcy can be achieved
• As you mentioned, this proposal might go down well with the IC. In fact the IC is likely to parade this as their diplomatic triumph.
• Likely to give a massive diplomatic boost to the LTTE by the IC
• This proposal is not about surrendering the weapons; the LTTE’s weapons are in their armouries and the LTTE can access the weapons by giving appropriate notice to the IAMB, should the need arise.
• It would be an international agreement.

The difficult issues are:
• Trustworthiness of the IAMB
• How can we build in a robust and viable safety mechanism to defend the Tamil population from the assault of the SLAF? Can we trust the IC?

Professor, I would be most grateful if you could examine and revise this proposal with a view to strengthening its safety.

If you feel it’s worth pursuing this proposal, would it be appropriate to pass it on to the authors of the ISGA for their perusal?

Many thanks for the kind assistance.

Thanabal --

Better late than Never. Doctor, you might have thought that this Thanabal is some sort of Crank caller spoiling the soup with the addition of another COOK. But I am not. The way each person starts their writings and the content of their writings reflect their inner thoughts and their attachments, beliefs, etc. (It took two days after my comments to realize who Prof. Ramasamy is?)

From the beginning, asking the LTTE to PUT AWAY THE ARMS clearly showed your thinking that your concern - though genuine - is short term basis and suppressing the symptoms rather than treating the disease.

On the other hand, your proposal has no meaning with the SLA while they remian in the NE.

AS someone asked earlier (and you seem conveniently eluding to answer), focusing on YOUR proposal clearly indicates (and, in fact, substantiates what I have said in my comments on a previous post on another forum - that your blood is growing Regionococcus EGOformism) your self-centered approach toward the total picture (the disease) than symptoms. Being an Anesthetist in the UK who often runs the intensive care unit, where patients were treated for acute decompensation, while rarely addressing the root cause.

I hope you will step outside of this self-drawn circle and see the whole picture. Until such time, your proposal is nothing but an ONION proposal.

Now the latest news shows that the USA has thrown all its weight behind the Racist regime. GOOD LUCK for any normalcy until NORMALCY is achieved by other means. Like it or not, the USA has a policy to support the losing side and the agresso, rather than the victim.

The CFA and the subsequent peace was aimed at normalcy and six rounds of Talks have focused on bringing permanent normalcy to the Island, and to the NE in particular. Who shattered this normalcy, the LTTE or the GOSL? You find the answer and you can write a better proposal.

Could you please spell out what was INDIA's involvement in shattering the movement toward normalcy after the 2002 CFA was signed?

Dr. K Chandradeva --


What we witness in the NE is a monumental humanitarian tragedy. The security situation is so grave that the NGOs are pulling out, the latest victim is MSF. When MSF is pulling out from Jaffna, one can imagine the calamity ... tell me who is going to take care of our people? The GOSL, of course, would be delighted to see this development.

The questions are:

1. Can the LTTE now dismantle the SLAF from the NE and bring normalcy? Every military expert says that is unlikely

2. Can we find a political solution in the near future? The answer is no.

The fact of the matter is that there WILL NEVER be peace in the NE as long as the SLAF is on the streets of the NE. Indeed, this is the biggest shortfall of the current CFA.

This status quo is extremely, probably irreversibly, damaging our interests. We need to work out an alternative mechanism to overcome this catastrophe, whilst peace talks continue to find a comprehensive solution to this conflict.

Do you have any plan to solve this crisis?

This is not the right time to debate about India; we have much more serious matters to sort out.


Varman --

The situation must be appaling in Jaffna because the MSF - Doctors without Frontiers - have decided to pull out. A doctor in the North conveyed that this is mainly because in Sri Lanka there is no respect for humanitarian organisations. There are chaps - despicable scums - who are willing to kill such workers to score some points or to settle old scores with some other party.

India will toe the line as a client state of the US. Now the Tamils must locate the right posture to befriend the US (inspite of their rhetoric) and the co-chairs.

The plight of Children is fast becoming a 'hidden narrative'. Everyone jumped on the bandwagon of Child soldiers...Not a hum, even a squeak about the children of the North East.

None should suffer the little children...we are in danger of being desensitised to the suffering of such and even become dehumanised by witnessing such long years of atrocious wars.
Selva --

I would suggest you do a careful walkthrough of all Dr. Chandradeva's comments starting form the very beginning, including those external to this forum for which someone has posted some references from google, too.

Chandradeva's heart is already against the Tamils and the LTTE. He just dances with the tunes, depending on how people approach his views. His tears are merely show dressing. He has an uncanny ability to put the blame for the Tamils' suffering, from anything from the kitchen sink to the gardener’s tools and even on the Tamils themselves. This is not such a complex issue that he cannot comprehend the arguments that so many here have placed before him. He just avoids them and walks back to the same old point. This to me simply shows that his mind, knowingly or unknowingly, has a different agenda than helping Tamils as he professes. The “caring for innocents” is a wagon he has chosen to drive his agenda forward. I hope people get my drift here.

P.Ramasamy --

Dear Dr.Chandradeva,

Thanks to the message addressed to me.

While your proposal for a solution for the Tamils might obtain differing responses, I believe that alternative solution could not just be thrust on Tamils by way of the international community.

The international community can assist, but then if takes a biased attitude towards the Tamil national liberation movement, then it is difficult to proceed. But it has a role that can only be determined through the consent of Tamil forces.

The conflict in Sri Lanka is in many ways different to situations in Northern Ireland, East Timor, Darfur and other places. At least 70 percent of the northeast (territory) is in the hands of the LTTE. It has not only built up a powerful armed force, the LTTE - unlike other national liberation movements - has embarked on state building.

Given this, the LTTE must have a paramount say in any solution that will affect the future of Tamils in Tamil Eelam. The LTTE just cannot be dismissed just because there are individuals and groups oppposed to the LTTE for various reasons. We must be careful in this because attacks against the LTTE is very much part of the larger campaign initiated and sustained by certain powerful global players.

What is important right now is for the LTTE and the GOSL to adhere to the ceasefire agreement brokered by the Norwegians. As far as I am concerned the agreement is a fine one, but the GOSL has completely violated it on numerous occasions.

To me, return to normalcy means:

a.returning to the ceasefire agreement of 2002;
b. respecting the lines of demarcation of territories held by the two parties before the ceasefire;
c.for the GOSL to cease bombing of civilian Tamil areas
d.allowing for the movement of goods and people
e. end to the paramiliary activities
f. starting peace negotiations

This is why I suggested that you refer to the ISGA that was drafted in late 2003. It is one of the finest documents that articulates the democratic stand of the LTTE.

It was drafted be persons who were not members of the LTTE but endorsed by the latter.

Dr K Chandradeva --

Dear Professor Ramasamy

Many thanks for your reply. You compared the NE with NI, ET etc. As far as I am concerned the GOSL, with Rwanda its mindset, is also an important factor here. The ministers openly say that they will violate the CFA. The other factor is the trigger-happy SLAF. As long as the SLAF is on the streets, there cannot be peace in the NE.

We are in a military stalemate and there is no sign of a political solution in the near future. The status quo is extremely damaging to the socio-economic-healthcare services, probably irreversibly. Some reports warn that deaths due to starvation are not unlikely in the near future. Even the battle-hardened MSF is pulling out of Jaffna as it is concerned about the safety of the staff.

My concern is whether one can infuse an extra safety mechanism or arrangement to make the CFA robust enough to resist any violations. The GOSL is not going to change its spots overnight and behave like good governors, not at all.

As you mentioned, I very much want the CFA fully enforced, but the current mechanism is not robust enough to do the job. Would you give more powers to the SLMM? More men on the ground? Could the SLMM be armed?

I very much appreciate you replied. Thank you, Sir.


Puthalvan --

Dear Dr. KC,

Here is a better proposal from the Boston Globe. You can clearly see that they have a better understanding of our issues than some of those who are advocating one-sided solutions without understanding the potential ramifications. globe...as_unending_war

Asia's unending war
October 22, 2006

SRI LANKA'S intermittent war between successive governments and the secessionist movement known as the Tamil Tigers has been going on for nearly a quarter century and has taken 65,000 lives. It is one of the most vicious and intractable conflicts in theworld, but receives less attention than other wars that involve American interests more directly.

Episodes of gruesome bloodletting on both sides this fall demonstrate that a 2002 ceasefire survives only on paper. At the same time, Pakistani arms deliveries to the government and a consequent expectation that India will provide military aid (albeit covert) to the Tamils threatens to transform Sri Lanka's civil war into a proxy war between South Asia's two principal antagonists. So the Bush administration did well last week to dispatch Richard Boucher, assistant secretary for South and Central Asian affairs, to Sri Lanka to press for a political solution to the island's civil war.

During a visit last June, Boucher staked out a sound principle for resolution of the conflict. The United States believes, he said, that the Tamil ethnic minority that predominates in the north and east of the island nation ought to have some form of self-rule in its own homeland. Vague as this formula may be, it does point the way to a political rather than a military solution in Sri Lanka, including a durable, peaceful coexistence between the mostly Hindu Tamils and the Buddhist Sinhalese majority.

But for Boucher's visit Thursday and Friday to have a practical effect, it will have to be followed up with concrete measures. Although American officials are prohibited from engaging in contacts with the Tamil Tigers because the group is on the US terrorism list, the Bush administration should give whole hearted backing to the Sri Lankan government's participation in peace talks with the Tigers later this month in Geneva.

To demonstrate Washington's seriousness about a permanent peace that provides for Tamil self-government and human rights in a confederal Sri Lanka, the administration ought to prevail on the central government to withdraw its armed forces from the Tamil areas in the north of the island. The Sri Lankan government should also be told that as a humanitarian gesture , it would be wise to open the road to Jaffna, the sole main artery connecting the Tamil areas to the rest of the country.

Peace in Sri Lanka must be accompanied by justice for the island's Tamil minority. That justice and that peace should be seen as building blocks for the security in Asia that is sure to become more and more important to the United States.


Varman --

Selva: I'm grateful for your above comment. I know for sure there are too many "educated selfish fools" in our midst. I simply thought KC would be someone who is truly genuine, but with some erroneous ideas.

However, the HR situation among Tamils must improve -- especiallly the situation of the Children.

I'm prepared to give Dr KC the benefit of the doubt. We cannot betray our own. I don't know how Karuna does it.

Dr K Chandradeva --


I am an ardent of supporter of self-rule for the NE.

What I am complaining is about the security and humanitarian crisis in the NE until a final solution is reached. The CFA is dead and gone. The questions are: how can we resuscitate the CFA? Do we have to build in extra safety mechanism into it? or any other ideas from the contributors.

Thanks for your comments
Varman --

Doctor, Tell me, can you resuscitate something that is dead and gone (disintegrated as a farce)?

Am I right in thinking that you wish for FS and within it self-rule?

There is a catch, however. Would the NE remain as one Tamil state within this FS structure? OR would it be two provincial states?

Nimal --


"Boucher staked out a sound principle for resolution of the conflict. The United States believes, he said, that the Tamil ethnic minority that predominates in the north and east of the island nation ought to have some form of self-rule in its own homeland."

Isn't this the kind of thing that has been said for over 30 years? Where has Boucher/US been all this time?

The Boston Globe editorial also displays either a lack of deep understanding or is attempting to obsure the more serious and complex matters (and so shift the discussions) by talking about "...a durable, peaceful coexistence between the mostly Hindu Tamils and the Buddhist Sinhalese majority" as if to say that that is what the conflict is all about - ('Hindu Tamils' versus the 'Buddhist Sinhalese majority').

Compare this with The New York Times editorial, see: uid=2001

Note in particular that it, too, misleadingly describes the conflict as "A Buddhist-led government battling a Hindu separatist group."

The question is why does the US wish to push this false view?
Where will this view take questions of fairness and justice?
Who will be blamed for the continued suffering in the context of this kind of view?,

Dr. Chandradeva: Have you read the ISGA and what are your comments on it?

Dr. K Chandradeva --

Nimal & Varman

It’s my conviction that there should be a single self-governing unit for the NE. However, federation may not work in SL because federation very much depends on cordial relationship between the centre and the FS. We need to demonstrate it to the IC & CC that the federal principle is unworkable in SL. However, if Sinhala leaders behave like grown up people, then federal principle might work in SL. Therefore, the political process is going to be very, very long.

That means the CFA should be strong enough to take care of civilians and their needs. This is how I would summarise my political thinking.

P. Ramasamy --

Dear Friends,

In many ways, the situation in the physical and geographical territory of what is called Sri Lanka is very different from places like Aceh, Northern Ireland, East Timur and others. While conflict resolution in these places was directly related to the reaching of a final settlement, the case of ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka has to go through two phases: normalcy and final settlement.

No one is talking about the final settlement simply because of the problem of normalcy in the Northeast, the traditional homeland. Unless there is normalcy, it would make little sense to reach a final settlement as demanded by the racist Sri Lankan state.

The perpective of the Tamil national liberation movement is that there must be normalcy before discussion on the final settlement. It was this imperative that allowed the LTTE to propose the formation of an interim administration in the northeast precisely to address the question of normalcy. The amorphous international community cannot address normalcy in abstraction; it has to support the efforts of the LTTE and tame the belligerance of the GOSL.

The ISGA drafted by the Constitutional Committee (acting on behest of the LTTE) was a document that sought to address the question of normalcy and at the same time to provide an opportunity for the LTTE to administer the northeast (as far the LTTE is concerned, the northeast is indivisible).

However, the GOSL under Kumartunga dimissed the ISGA as a LTTE's blue-print for a separate state. Even the P-TOMS Agreement that sought to address the plight of Tamils and others as result of the devastating impact of the tsunami was derailed due to the unitary nature of the Sri Lankan state.

Normalcy cannot be restored by some unilateral action of the international community. It has to be addressed by the LTTE and those forces that support the Tamil national liberation movement. Any initiative from outside, however well-meaning, must support the initiative of the LTTE.

Let us not forget the supreme sacrifice of 19,000 LTTE cadres who laid down their lives so that other Tamils could lead a normal life. Any solution to the ethnic conflict must pay attention to this. This would explain why the LTTE remains the most determined liberation movement in the world today. It simply cannot forget the sacrifice of these young man and women who gave their lives for the creation of separate homeland.

The LTTE has agreed to participate in the Geneva talks to be held the end of this month. If I am not mistaken, the LTTE will advance the agenda of normalcy once again.

It will seek to highlight the gross violation of human rights by the GOSL, the bombing of civilian populations in the northeast, the operation of the traitorous paramiliary forces, the complete lack of movement of peoples and goods in Tamil areas and, not the least, the need to return to the ceasefire ageement hatched in early 2002.

Whatever the decision of the Supreme Court and the principle adopted by India, the northeast...[something missing here]

XX --

Dear Professor Ramasamy

Many thanks for your comments.

Security of the people of the NE is the major pillar of normalcy before a final settlement is reached. Having witnessed the horrible crimes in the NE, I believe, this is where the current CFA and the ISGA need further fine turning or very careful thinking.

The ISGA is one of the finest documents for an interim administration and, as you pointed out in your previous posting, even the Americans couldn’t resist themselves from praising it. However, I wish to put it to you that the ISGA does not say a single word about the security of the people of the NE. Now we know that this is a paramount issue.

What’s going on in SL is ‘unique’. The racist and trigger-happy SLAF goes on carrying out massacres after massacres of Tamil civilians and the GOSL is prepared to go any length to cover it up. I intend to call this phenomenon ‘institutional extra-judicial killings of the Tamils in Sri Lanka’.

Unless the security of the people of the NE is guaranteed, the peace process cannot progress. I have little hope in the current arrangement to give the necessary protection.


Dr. Arun Vincent --

Can you make the northern LTTEers withdraw from the eastern province? If so, our problem will be solved.

Nimal --

xx, you wrote "Having witnessed the horrible crimes in the NE, I believe, this is where the current CFA and the ISGA need further fine turning or very careful thinking."

This sentence does not make any sense; the argument does not follow.(It is grammatially correct though. But there is more to making relevant sense than putting words together!)

Also you write, "However, I wish to put it to you that the ISGA does not say a single word about the security of the people of the NE."

So, have you actually read the ISGA? (I am sure the Americans have read it - I don't disagree; and so we can give them a gold star for that!)

Puthalvan --

Dear xx,

"I wish to put it to you that the ISGA does not say a single word about the security of the people of the NE"

I disagree with you completely. Did you read the part which said "Realising that maintenance of law and order is an essential pre-requisite for a just and free society"? And then on point 9.1...

9.1. The ISGA shall have PLENARY power for the governance of the NorthEast including powers in relation to resettlement, rehabilitation, reconstruction, and development, including improvement and upgrading of existing services and facilities (hereinafter referred to as RRRD), raising revenue including imposition of taxes, revenue, levies and duties, LAW AND ORDER, and over land.

The document then goes even further by addressing issues such as human rights by proposing a mechanism to handle violations and recommend/implement suitable remedies.

The ISGA document is a set of proposals with the aim of establishing normalcy in the NorthEast. The LTTE is fully aware of the need for a conducive security situation and ,without it, the ISGA would be incomplete. Which is why law and order is a crucial part of the proposal. With the full IMPLEMENTATION of the CFA the ISGA would bring a degree of security to the people of NorthEast.

But full security of the Tamil people (I am talking about the longer term security situation here) cannot be guaranteed until a final settlement is achieved.

As Nimal, Thanabal and others have pointed out, the highly volatile southern political environment is a deciding factor when it comes to our security. Which is why our representatives, and the Tamil community in general, are reluctant to agree to any measures which would undermine our military capability.

A history of broken promises, non-implementation of agreements and the continuing militaristic approach to solving the Tamil national question has taught us that no amount of “safeguards”, “fine tuning” and “international monitoring” is going to deliver the “security” we are all craving for. Our National Leader realised this truth well before all of us did. Thank god he did. Otherwise, people like my self would not be here. We would have faced total annihilation at the hands of the Sri Lankan regime.

Note: The ISGA was such a threat to Sri Lanka’s security, people like Hariharan were hopping mad at one point. But that is another story…

... --

"Closure of the A9, the only trunk road to Jaffna from the rest of Sri Lanka, more than 10 weeks ago, has halted the flow of essential food provisions, and medical supplies to Jaffna Peninsula, and if urgent steps are not taken, the residents will face severe humanitarian crisis, civil society leaders in Jaffna warned Monday. Jaffna residents face malnutrition and imminent starvation; and shortage of medical supplies and doctors, have wreaked havoc with the peninsula's fragile health care system, hospital and Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) sources said.
The child specialists attached to the Jaffna Teaching hospital warned that many of the children in the Peninsula are affected by malnutrition because the provision sent by the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) is inadequate and only could fulfill 25% of the entire need of nutrition.

Inefficiency of the Government bureucracy and the rampant corruption in the supply chain also may be exacerbating the situation, local NGO officials said. "Island," a kind of milk powder that was declared in 2000 as not suitable for consumption, was again sent to Jaffna. Out of the 200 000 milk packets sent recently, 86 000 packets are "Island,".

The Directors of Education have expressed alarm at the fall of attendance figures of schoolchildren. Many attending children suffer from malnutrition and cases of many fainting in schools are reported. Enthusiasm for learning has waned dramatically, officials said.

Meanwhile, the Consortium of Jaffna district NGOs blames the GoSL and government officials for their indifference in allowing the transport of essential food items to the people of Jaffna. Some officials of the Consortium said they fear speaking in public about the real situation in Jaffna due to the overarching presence of security forces and collaborating paramilitary cadres.

The NGOs warn that understated, and quite often false, details of the needs of the people of Jaffna disseminated by the Colombo's propaganda machinery are masking a grave and tragic situation developing.

Though more than 40 000 people, belonging to 12 000 families mainly from the areas near the Forward Defense Lines (FDL) in Thenmarachchi region and the islet villages, have fled their homes and have become internally displaced, following the break out of war on August 11, the GoSL has not directed the officials concerned to take actions to provide them any relief so far.

Instead, verbal directions have been given from Colombo to the officials to refrain from setting up refugee camps and involving in any relief works. As a result, though all the IDPs stay in government schools, no actions have been taken so far to provide them either cooked meals or basic facilities.

In addition, GoSL has allegedly given orders not to disclose the information that the refugees are staying in camps, the Consortium sources further said.

The members of the Consortium also accuse the International NGOs like UNICEF, Save the Childr.."