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India and Sri Lanka



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Thamil Eelam territories




Tamils are a nation of people endowed with an ancient and a distinct culture, and speak a language rich in literature and the arts.

Tamil is the oldest spoken language in India, and is in fact, one of the oldest living languages in the world. Scattered throughout the world, the largest concentration of Tamils is in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu and the Northeastern region of Sri Lanka (Tamil Eelam).

In the island of Sri Lanka, their survival is under threat  due to a genocidal onslaught by the Sinhala nation that occupies the rest of the island [See Timeline].

After nearly 30 years of this onslaught, in the mid seventies, the Tamil people started an armed resistance led by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). Since then the government of the Sinhala people has intensified the attack with an armed occupation of the Tamil homelands. The occupying forces have and are continuing to violate all international conventions applicable to armed conflicts.

Rape, torture, extra-judicial executions, disappearances, destruction of cultural and religious centers have become endemic in the Sinhala government controlled areas - all under media censorship. So far over 60,000 Tamil civilians (combatants excluded) have been killed.

The Sinhala government, in addition to its regular economic deprivation of the Tamil homelands, has also imposed a formal embargo on food and medical supplies to areas not under its control.

Tamil mercenaries have been hired to further intimidate and silence the Tamils.

Tamil expatriates living in liberal democracies are the only voice through which the voiceless Tamils can speak. Ilankai Tamil sangam is such an organization of the exiled people of Thamileelam in the USA. 

Our mission is to bring to the notice of the world at large the true situation in the form of timely news as it occurs [News], the facts related to the evolution of the crisis [Factbook], discussions on this attempted genocide [Analysis] , and find ways to restore the rights of the people of Thamileelam to self determination and freedom.