Is Sri Lanka
too small?


The Sinhala government that rules the entire island claims the island is too small for Tamil Eelam to revert its pre-colonial status of a separate  nation.

This reasoning defies all logic.

There are 38 other independent nations in existence today that are smaller than the proposed state of Thamil Eelam.



Time Line.
Every nation has a history.
Ever since the Portuguese captured the Tamil Kingdom in 1621AD, the history of Eelam has been one of foreign domination .
This page outlines the major historic events of the  European and the Sinhala rule of Eelam.
Historic Documents.
A Collection of records pertaining to the Tamil struggle for freedom and peaceful co-existence with the ruling Sinhala Nation.
Pictorial Pages.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
The following pictorial pages show the grievousness of the Sinhala domination and the legitimacy (both in legal and moral terms) of the Tamil struggle for freedom.
Since independence from the British Rule violence has been a means utilized by successive Sri Lankan governments to subjugate the Tamil people. These pages contain some reports.
Sri Lanka's Laws.
The Sinhala oppression of the Tamil nation has taken many forms - disenfranchisement, repeated pogroms, targeted cultural and religious destruction, and now an armed occupation. All along "laws" were enacted to give legitimacy to the actions.
Sri Lanka Propaganda.
Sri Lanka employs a variety of disinformation techniques to bolster its subjugation of Eelam. These pages show a few (proven) cases of this deceptive propaganda.
NGO Reports
A number of international non-governmental organizations have documented the human rights violations against the Tamil people by the Sinhalese.
UN Reports
The United Nations too, despite the coercive power of the government of Sri Lanka, has produced a few damning reports.
US Government Reports
The US government also, in spite of its overt alliance with the Sinhala government for selfish geopolitical reasons, has produced a few reports on the human rights violations.
A page full of resource material for research - The international covenants and laws that Sri Lanka government keeps violating.

  The Broken Covenant
- How the Sinhala Nation seceded form the Tamil Nation in 1972