Glimpses of Nagas & Tamil in Eastern Sri Lanka

Compiled by Eng. Dr. K. Vigneswaran, Nov. 2020

Glimpses of Nagas & Tamil in Eastern Sri Lanka Cover Page

Glimpses of Nagas & Tamil in Eastern Sri Lanka


A steatite seal from a signet ring found in an early Iron Age burial in Anaikoddai, Jaffna. The seal contains both Brahmi and megalithic graffiti symbols arranged in a way that suggests that they may be a translation of each other. —

From the Compiler — “…Yet, the Government has appointed a Task Force for the management of archaeological remains in the Eastern Province, dominated by former military officials. I doubt that such a Task Force will help in the process of Reconciliation.
Further, many holding the steering wheel of the country are ignorant of the shared past of both the Hindus and Buddhists; I have compiled this Brochure with the intention of helping them to search their own hearts. I have fully reproduced the Preface to one of the books [in Tamil] by a contemporary of mine at the
University of Ceylon, Prof. S. Pathmanathan, along with selected pictures of archaeological monuments from Eastern Lanka, mainly, from his publications.”

Daily Mirror 2017 interview with Prof. S. Pathmanthan following publishing of his 2016 book – Daily Mirror – Tamils have valid claim for homeland Prof. Pathmanathan

Prof. S. Pathmnathan on historiography, July 18, 2018

Critique of  CV Wigneswaran’s review in Tamil of Pathmanathan’s book – C V Wigneswaran on Pathmanathan’s book | Sunday Observer

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