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Chundikuli Jaffna Marks 125 Years

Always moving forward by Kethaki Masilamani, Sunday Times, Colombo, January 17, 2021 As Dr. Evangeline Mutthamma Thillayampalam sat at her desk, pen poised, she was filled with a great sense of hope. The year was 1946, Sri Lanka was on the brink of independence and Chundikuli Girls’ College, Jaffna was celebrating its 50-year Jubilee. Dr…. Read more »

The JVP Insurrection 1971

A Lost Revolution by Lanka Library, date unknown Sources : K T Rajasingham: SRI LANKA: The Untold Story / Rohan Gunaratne: A Lost Revolution? / A. C. Alles: Insurgency 1971 Rohana Wijeweera was born in July 1943 in Tangalle, and grew up in Kottegoda, a small village in the Matara district. He was admitted to the Goda Uda government Primary… Read more »

How the 1981 Riots Shaped My Future

by Vinorshan R.,, July 20, 2020 “This was my father’s lorry that he used for his business, he actually owned two of them and would deliver goods across Sabaragamuwa Province in Sri Lanka. He also owned two shops in Ratnapura. He was doing well in life. My father’s success in business allowed me to… Read more »

Anti-Tamil Riots of August 1977

by Dr. K. N. K. Wijayawardana, Sri Lanka Guardian, Colombo, November 28, 2008 “It was a struggle to keep the services going. Bodies were getting stacked almost to roof level and I had to get magisterial permission to dispose of them without inquest. Meantime the wife of the dead MLT was crying over the telephone… Read more »

Sinhala Colonisation

 IN THE HEREDITARY TAMIL REGIONS OF THE ISLAND OF SRI LANKA This is a brief history of how the Sri Lankan government and its destructive agents plundered and robbed 50% of the ancestral lands of the Tamils of the Island of  Sri Lanka by K. Sachithanandan, posted by Tamil Centre for Human Rights, Paris, accessed… Read more »

Resisting Erasure

Tamil Guardian editorial, London, January 10, 2021 Art by Sagi Thilipkumar A new wave of protest has erupted in the Tamil homeland as a monument dedicated to the tens of thousands massacred in Mullivaikkal was razed from the Jaffna University campus under the cover of night. Students and locals gathered outside the campus gates while Sri Lankan Special… Read more »

‘Ethnic Conflict and Reconciliation in Sri Lanka’

by Chelvadurai Manogaran, University of Hawaii Press, 1987 ISBN 0-8248-1116-X Manogaran Ethnic Conflict & Reconciliation in Sri Lanka 1987 Introduction 1 CHAPTER I Sinhalese-Tamil Ethnic Differences and the Beginnings of Conflict 19 CHAPTER 2- Problems of National Integration 41 CHAPTER 3 Tamil Districts: Conflict over Traditional Homelands, Colonization, and Agricultural Development 78 CHAPTER 4 Education,… Read more »

Dr. Varatharajah Reports from Vanni Feb. 27, 2009

Video clips by Dr. Varatharajah Thurairajah on the situation at Puthu Matalan Hospital in the Vanni, Sri Lanka, while the area was under attack by Sri Lankan security forces, February 27, 2009 Translation provided where after each clip. 27-02-2009DR.Varatharaja-2 Amputee: 0:04  It is the pain. Otherwise it alright. Dr.V. They are coming from that end…. Read more »

The Voice of Music – S P Balasubramanyam

by Anuradha Srinivasan, Chennai, December 6, 2020  Ezhunthu Vaa Baalu, the harmonium player called out to his friend, who was catching up on the cricket score on his radio backstage. The jovial young man took the mic with a smile and sang breezily as his friends on the harmonium and guitar wove in and out… Read more »

Rajapaksa Lied to ‘Powerful Ambassador’

Over evacuation of Tamils in 2009 – Sri Lankan MP by Tamil Guardian, London, November 24, 2020 File photograph: Mahinda Rajapaksa meets with former US Ambassador Robert O’Blake A Sri Lankan parliamentarian revealed how Mahinda Rajapaksa lied to “an ambassador of the most powerful country” about the evacuation of trapped Tamil civilians in 2009, in… Read more »

Glimpses of Nagas & Tamil in Eastern Sri Lanka

Compiled by Eng. Dr. K. Vigneswaran, Nov. 2020 Glimpses of Nagas & Tamil in Eastern Sri Lanka Cover Page Glimpses of Nagas & Tamil in Eastern Sri Lanka From the Compiler — “…Yet, the Government has appointed a Task Force for the management of archaeological remains in the Eastern Province, dominated by former military officials…. Read more »

Tsunami and Civil War in Sri_Lanka

An Anthropologist Confronts the Real World by Dennis McGilvray, ‘India Review,’ New Delhi, , vol. 5, nos. 3–4, July/October, 2006, pp. 372–393 Tsunami_and_Civil_War_in_Sri_Lanka …Much of the anthropology of Sri Lanka in the last three decades would have to count as “public” scholarship, because it has been forced to address the contemporary realities of labor migration,… Read more »

Discussion with Anton Balasingam and Thamilchelvam of the LTTE

April 17, 1997 at Puthukudierruppu, Mullaithivu (In the presence of Adele Balasingam and Lawrence Thilagar.) by Nagalingam Ethirveerasingam. Ph.D. (Cornell), Consultant in Education and Sports, Olympian 1952 and 1956, October 22, 2020 In April 1996, Harvard University’s Program for International Conflict Analysis and Resolution (PICAR) convened a consultation process with the Sinhala and Tamil Diaspora living… Read more »

Review: ‘Keenie Meenie: Britain’s Private Army’

by Tamil Guardian, London, October 7, 2020 Streaming on YouTube, October 8, 2020 at 2pm EST at Phil Miler’s explosive new documentary, “Keenie Meenie: Britain’s Private Army”, provides detailed insight into how a private British company went on to effectively set up one of Sri Lanka’s most notorious military units and sheds light on the United… Read more »

Kamala Harris and the ‘Other 1 Percent’

Long before the Democratic vice-presidential candidate became a national figure, India played a role in American politics by Dinyar Patel, The Atlantic, New York, October 2020 In a few weeks, the United States might elect its first vice president of Indian heritage. Kamala Harris’s rise mirrors the fortunes of Indian Americans, a wildly successful community whose… Read more »

Universal Declaration of Human Rights & Sri Lanka

by Kumarathasan Rasingam, October 3, 2020 The Universal Declaration for Human Rights  [UDHR] was adopted on 10th December 1948 by the United Nations at the Palais de Chaillot in Paris.  The UDHR contains thirty Articles. Articles 1 and 2 outline the philosophical claim of the UDHR and emphasise that human beings are born free in… Read more »

How ‘Jakarta’ Became the Codeword for US-Backed Mass Killing

by, Vincent Bevins, The New York Review of Books, May 18, 2020 Suspected communists under armed guard, Jakarta, Indonesia, December 1, 1965 In May 1962, a girl named Ing Giok Tan got on a rusty old boat in Jakarta, Indonesia. Her country, one of the largest in the world, had been pulled into the global… Read more »

U.K. Conservation Society Details Links to Colonialism and Slavery

The National Trust said a third of the properties it manages had direct links to colonialism or slavery. Some have a “hugely uncomfortable” history, it said. by Elian Peltier, The New York Times, September 22, 2020 LONDON — The country house of former Prime Minister Winston Churchill, an ardent imperialist; an estate in northern England… Read more »

Remembering Thileepan’s Sacrifice 33 Years On

by Tamil Guardian, London, September 26, 2020 Today marks 33 years since the death of Lt Col Thileepan, a political wing leader of the LTTE who fasted to death, in a protest appealing to the Indian government to honour pledges made to the Tamil people. Thileepan began his fast on the September 15, 1987, with 100,000 people… Read more »