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Break in Siege Is Little Relief to Syrian City

The agreement, announced by the Syrian government last week, called for a three-day cease-fire to allow women, children and older men to leave a rebel-held part of the city while food was distributed to those who remained inside.

But the cease-fire was shaky from the start. Some residents refused to leave, fearing their departure would prompt the killing of the remaining rebels. Pro-government Facebook pages also criticized the deal and began a campaign called “No to feeding the gunmen.”

March Madness: Is it USA Vs India?

In the case of Burma, India and America’s good cop, bad cop routine worked to ultimately undo the military junta.

But will India and America reenact the same play in Sri Lanka or are their objectives diverging? …

Tamil Nadu activists have chosen to protest against the American resolution because it does not include charges of Genocide. While that is reasonable request, protesting it misses the tree for the wood. Tamil Nadu’s immediate focus should be in getting Delhi to take a public position within the next few weeks. Letting Delhi wait until the voting time, is a strategic mistake by the Tamil Nadu brethren. Tamil Nadu activists should first mobilize towards getting Delhi to openly support an International Investigation mechanism. Without that, protesting the resolution for what it does not include is premature and above all not prudent. It only helps Delhi’s agenda of deflection.

Speeches at London Conference

In English Prof. Guruparan Speaks Indian activist Mrs Medha Patkar Pravin Speaks In Tamil  MP Ariannendran Speaks EPC Councillor Thadayuthapani Speaks MP Mavi Senathirajah Speaks MP Sritharan Speaks Prof. P.Ramasamy Speaks  

New Inquiry on Sri Lanka Points to Possible War Crimes

William Schabas, professor of international law at Middlesex University in London who is an authority on war crimes and was among the experts enlisted to examine the Australian inquiry’s evidence, said it was the first to focus on issues that are relevant to a criminal prosecution.

“What it demonstrates is there is clear evidence that a prosecutor can go on,” he said in an interview.

Holding Sri Lanka to Account

Washington is once again trying to put pressure on the government of Sri Lanka to commission a credible independent investigation of crimes and human rights abuses committed during the end of that country’s bloody civil war in 2009. It was a good move to send a senior American diplomat to the island nation last weekend… Read more »

US Asst Secretary Press Conference in Colombo

U.S. Department of State Nisha Desai Biswal Assistant Secretary, Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs Colombo, Sri Lanka February 2, 2014 Press Conference With Assistant Secretary Nisha Biswal in Colombo, Sri Lanka AMBASSADOR SISON: I am so pleased to be with you all this evening in order to introduce you to our new Assistant… Read more »

London Conference Explores Nature of Land Grabs in Tamil Homeland

Academics, legal experts, activists, journalists, and Eezham Tamil politicians gathered in London to discuss Sri Lankan state facilitated land grabs in the Eezham Tamils homeland, its nature, its effects, and possible solutions, at a conference on Saturday. While all of the presenters were in consensus that land grabs in the Tamil homeland was a phenomena… Read more »

Conference on State Grabs of Tamil Land

by ‘Tamil Guardian,’ London, January 31 and February 1, 2014 (Conference held January 31 and February 1 at British House of Commons and University College London) Pictures at DAY 1 The first day of an international conference on the Sri  Lankan state’s forcible and militarised procurement of Tamil land, saw a number of speakers calling… Read more »

We Will Continue to Agitate for Devolution

Only a total of 1876 million rupees has been allocated for capital expenditure out of a total sum of 15,520 million rupees. When we divide these paltry 1876 million rupees among all five districts of the North, one could realise the insufficiency of funds to each district of the Northern Province. This amount is sufficient only to construct about 17 kms of road at present cost.