Monthly Archives: March 2016

Leaderless Tamils and Floundering Causes

Tamils who once ruled the entire country, but later ruled in the name of Jaffna Kingdom lost their rule after the entry of foreign Kingdoms.  The 1948 independence opened the route to the loss of language rights; land ownership rights, employment rights.  The first blow fell on the plantation Tamils, depriving them of their citizenship… Read more »

National Question Can Be Solved Only By Power Sharing

On January 25 this year Opposition and Thamil National Alliance (TNA) Leader R. Sampanthan left for London and then to the Scottish capital Edinburgh accompanied by his trusted lieutenant Parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran, MP. Sampanthan’s visit to Scotland coincided with the government taking steps to draft a new Constitution. Scottish experience Both Sampanthan and Sumanthiran participated at a constitutional workshop held to explore possible alternatives… Read more »

How the Chola Flag left a Mark in Lanka

The journey in search of trans-oceanic art traditions reveals how the Chola rule in Sri Lanka made an indelible mark on the island nation’s history and brought about changes in the socio-economic and cultural spheres.Two Chola temples, namely Siva Devalayas, in Polonnaruva are the important Chola monuments in the island nation, according to S Kannan,… Read more »

Receding Hopes for Accountability, Reconciliation and Justice

The much talked and discussed current burning issues of accountability, reconciliation and justice appeared to be facing a life and death battle, the contributors being Sri Lanka’s Government thriving on an uneasy alliance, the UN Human Rights Commissioner and the chauvinistic politicians, spearheaded by Mahinda, BBS and others struggling to revive their political fortunes –… Read more »