Monthly Archives: July 2016

(Re)conceptualising Reconciliation

by Dr. Sujith Xavier, ‘Groundviews,’ Colombo, July 5, 2016 Transitional justice is a popular term in present day Sri Lanka. It is the means by which the various parties to the conflict have decided to bring about justice and reconciliation. The reason behind this move to employ transitional justice is two-fold. First, the international community,… Read more »

Book Review: ‘The Pivot: The Future of American Statecraft in Asia’

by Hugh White, ‘The Lowy Interpreter, Sydney, Australia, July 4, 2016 To read Kurt Campbell’s reply to this review, see below or click here. As Assistant Secretary of State for Asia in Barack Obama’s first term, Kurt Campbell has a respectable claim to being the principal architect of the president’s Pivot to Asia. Not surprisingly, then,… Read more »

Sri Lanka Must Stay the Course

‘The Hindu’ editorial, Chennai, July 2, 2016 The frequent human rights updates in Geneva provide an occasion for the world to discuss Sri Lanka’s post-war situation, especially the progress made in investigating the excesses during the last phase of the civil war that ended in 2009. Until last year, the country considered the process hostile… Read more »

Is Sri Lanka on the Path to Reconciliation?

by Al Jazeera, Qatar, July 3, 2016 Video at President Sirisena is under pressure to fulfill his post-cvil war promises of accountability and justice. It’s been seven years since the civil war in Sri Lanka ended. The 30-year conflict fell largely along ethnic lines. President Maithripala Sirisena has said reconciliation is one of his top… Read more »