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Renowned Athlete and Activist Nagalingam Ethirveerasingam Passes Away

by Tamil Guardian, London, April 23, 2024 Nagalingam Ethirveerasingam, the Jaffna-born activist and athlete, who competed in the 1952 Olympics and won the first Gold Medal in any sport for Ceylon passed away on Thursday, 18 April 2024, aged 89 years old. Born in Periyavillan in 1934, Ethirveerasingam broke high jump records at every age… Read more »

Dr. Nagalingam Ethirveerasingam

by Arjunan Ethirveerasingam, April 18, 2024 On Thursday, 18 April 2024 at 11:55 am Dr. Nagalingam Ethirveerasingam (PhD) passed away peacefully at his home in Los Angeles, California, USA. He was surrounded by his family. He was 89 years old. Nagalingam Ethirveerasingam (Ethir) was born in 1934 in a one-room hut with a palmyrah palm… Read more »

Joint Declaration by the People of Tamil Nadu

by a variety of political parties from Tamil Nadu, February 3, 2024 TN_Joint_Declaration_2024-Tamil TN_Joint_Declaration_2024-English Eelam Tamils Independence Referendum Conference – 2024 Joint Declaration by the People of Tamil Nadu Chennai, Tamil Nadu – February 03, 2024 Whereas from time immemorial, the people of Tamil Nadu and the Tamil people of Eelam on the island presently… Read more »

Notes on Reaching 70 Not Out – Part 4

My Initial Steps in Sexuality Research by Sachi Sri Kantha, April 13, 2024   Front Note 21 years had passed since the late Dr Rajan Sriskandarajah posted my essay item ‘Alfred Kinsey as an Apparent Guru: My Sri Lankan experience in Sex Research’ in this site (April 23, 2003. This link is still survives, despite… Read more »

Diaspora Tamil Archives

by Diaspora Tamil Archives, Norway புலம்பெயர் தமிழ் சுவடிகள் காப்பகங்கள் ABOUT US  

Uduvil Remembers Its Founder Principal

In its bicentennial year by Shiranee Mills, Sunday Times, Colombo, April 7, 2024 In the bicentennial year of Uduvil Girls’ College, especially during the month of April, our thoughts dwell closely on the founder principal of the school, Harriet Wadsworth Winslow (née Lathrop), whose birthday falls on April 9. Born in 1796, in Norwich, Connecticut, in… Read more »