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Record of a Recent Digital Duel

Now connect the dots please: LTTE turncoat K.P – Kapila Hendawitharana – Chinese gumshoes. Hence, this note.

by Sachi Sri Kantha, January 4, 2022

Sword duel in the sea (MGR – Nambiar)

As one who enjoyed the sword fencing duels – MGR vs. Veerappa or MGR vs. Nambiar – in old Tamil movies in my teenage years, for almost 45 years, I had enjoyed duels with my hand (figuratively, that is). Sometimes, MGR delighted me with his double-handed duels. Single handed dueling is itself a serious challenge for mind-hand coordination. But, double handed dueling is the ultimate thrill for movie fans.

Recently, in the digital blog of Prof. Michael Roberts [Tuppahi’s Blog], I was forced to a double-handed dueling with two correspondents hiding under pseudonyms [Fair Dinkum and John Smith]; and I came to focus on something new – about the activities of China’s gumshoes in Sri Lanka, in the last two decades. This, I share here.

On Dec. 30, 2021, Tuppahi’s blog posted the following item, contributed by a pro-China correspondent, who contributes to this blog using the pseudonym ‘Fair Dinkum’. In brief, it was an anti-American drivel, related to the past history of American gumshoes activity in many continents.


Though I didn’t wish to be a partisan, the support given to the Rajapaksa regime by China in Eelam war IV was not to my liking. As such, for this commentary by Fair Dinkum guy, I contributed my views as follows:

I’m always amused by the pro-China scribblings of this ‘Fair Dinkum’ guy. This individual hides under a pseudonym, for selfish reasons. I wonder whether this individual is a Chinese agent, spreading biased views.

Many of us know the dirty deeds of CIA, for decades. Will Fair Dinkum, provide the names of the CIA equivalents of Chinese government, and how they operate in other countries? Will this individual also let me know, their significant role in Pol Pot’s regime of Cambodia between 1975 and 1979, and how they had destroyed Buddhism in Tibet since 1959, in the name of amalgamation?

And Fair Dinkum guy responded to this, by a mail to Tuppahi’s blog, which Professor Roberts posted, with his comment as follows:

President Xi Jin Ping and Mahinda Rajapaksa. How many Chinese moles nearby?

E-mail response from “Fair Dinkum”

“I am not sure of his or her point. Is this attack on China and myself meant to excuse the US? If so, it is pathetic. The points this person makes are baseless and irrelevant to the issues I raised – it is a distraction, and they offer no argument.

The accusation that I ‘hide’ under a pseudonym is dishonest. It has nothing to do with being selfish. That is a preposterous suggestion. We live in dangerous times and there are good reasons to use a pseudonym as evident in their claim I am Chinese agent which can destroy people’s livelihoods.

I am not a Chinese agent – another baseless accusation. This guy must be a CIA agent. My interest is in the truth and working towards a better world without colonialism in its ugly forms. What is theirs? I have no connections with the Chinese government. It is stupid to make such an accusation which is typical of Western propaganda.

You cannot compare China with the USA when it comes to overthrowing governments. China has not intervened or overthrown any country, other than perhaps Tibet – while the CIA have overthrown or undermined over 70 governments since WW2 causing death and destruction on a massive scale that is evil, and the US is never held accountable which allows them to continue. To excuse the US by trying to draw a comparison with China is fallacious. This critic has missed the point of my essay completely, and doesn’t care about the real issues.

This year, China eradicated extreme poverty, lifting about 100 million people out of misery; while in the US in 2021, about 43 million Americans still live in extreme poverty. And by exploitation methods, the US continues to contribute to world poverty and vaccine discrimination just so it can make a fast buck – a fascinating comparison.

Why doesn’t this critic focus on the issues I raised and put up a counter argument without the ad hominem attacks, rather than distract readers with this nonsense. We need dialogue, not stupidity.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the CIA are not already making plans to overthrow the new democratically elected government in Chile, as well as other newly elected governments in Bolivia and Honduras.

However, I am satisfied to see that my article needled this critic into vomiting out a series of absurd ad hominem attacks, which offers nothing but rancid hot air.”


Editor’s Note [by Michael Roberts]

EDITOR’S NOTE,: “without endorsing every point made in Fair Dinkum’s Response, let me stress that I am aware of his identity and the fact that his location in the Antipodes means that he could be the target of Aussie and American security agencies. I stress too that he can converse in Chinese.”

I thought, it was funny, that this ‘Fair Dinkum’ guy is paranoid that “he could be the target of Aussie and American security agencies” in the words of Prof. Roberts. And Fair Dinkum accused me, ‘This guy must be a CIA agent.’ This indeed, is a typical refrain, I have heard in Sri Lankan political platforms of 1970s, from Leftist aficoinados. When one cannot match an opponent’s challenge by wit or fact, simply calling the opponent with this line, was a mantra for the Leftists. And, I didn’t touch on Fair Dinkum’s unbelievable propaganda, “This year, China eradicated extreme poverty…” It seems, China’s rulers are fond of ‘eradication’ of all kinds. In 1950s, Comrade Mao’s team also eradicated ‘prostitution’ and ‘venereal diseases’ in China for record, isn’t it?

But, because of my passion for duels by pen, I would never give up unless the editor (of a paper or magazine or blog) puts a stop sign. So, I proceeded with my next thrust.

“Hello Michael,

I accept your Editor’s Note, in the spirit it is made. Simultaneously, I’m also much impressed by the ‘thin skin’ exhibited by Fair Dinkum, by his ending sentence, ‘vomiting out a series of absurd and hominem attacks, which offers nothing but rancid hot air.’

The three points I raised in my comment, (1) activities of CIA equivalents of China in other countries, (2) Chinese influence on Pol Pot’s regime (1975-79), (3) destruction of Buddhist influences in Tibet, are historical facts, that also deserve scrutiny, isn’t it? Why Fair Dinkum shuns from these facts, and cast aspersions on my commentary with insinuations?

How will Fair Dinkum respond to the following news item, presented in the link below?


Unlike this ‘anonymous’ individual, my political activism as a Sri Lankan Tamil has been open, since 1977, and I DON’T hide under a pseudonym.”

For this comment, I didn’t receive a retort from Fair Dinkum. Wisely, he avoided answering my queries. But, a Sinhalese nationalist (hiding under the pseudonym John Smith) picked up my comment’s last sentence above. As typical, quite a number of this needling tribe, are ‘empty vessels’, and they are cowards too, not to identify themselves openly as Sinhalese. Maybe, ‘John Smith’ was annoyed by my pro-Tamil activism, so he called me names, as follows:

“Sachi Sri Kantha: “my political activism as a Sri Lankan Tamil has been open, since 1977”. So, you may be the “Third Eye”, rat from Japan. You done a great job for all breeds of Tamils in the world. You picked an article from an Indian sewer print “The Print” to free Indian Union from killing innocent Christians, Easter bombings.

The LTTE, JVP and Zaharan are Indian terrorist outfits. India exploded similar bombs during the Indian Central elections in occupied Kashmir.

Last month India killed 14 or more innocent Christians in India occupied Nagaland. No more overseas money for Saint Theresa work in India.”

It was easy for me to prick him, with a Sinhalese proverb, though he was hiding under the ‘John Smith’ name. My response to his thrust was brief, as follows:

“I respond to John Smith’s comment. I guess, you are familiar with the Sinhalese proverb ‘Pirunu kale diva nosele’ [Empty vessels make much noise]. Amen.”

Subsequent four responses [two by John Smith, and two by me] posted by Prof. Roberts were as follows:

“John Smith: Caste, Indian parasites sucks others off who are around them whom the parasites consider as untouchables. Whether they are in Ceylon or Japan or any where else or whether they wear a Christian coat or other they are parasites of the world. Not different to other parasites of nature.”

“Sachi Sri Kantha: I appreciate John Smith’s bluff, which instantly provides proof to the Sinhalese proverb I quoted previously – ‘Pirunu kale diya nosele’. By this guy’s logic, how about tagging Mahinda and Sanghamitta (the progeny of Emperor Asoka) from India, as the ‘Original Indian parasites’ to land in the Blessed island called Taprobane.”

“John Smith: They were invaders, not parasites like those of you who were carried all over the tropics by the impotent British.”

“Sachi Sri Kantha: Which history book read by this John Smith guy records that Mahinda and Sanghamitta (the progeny of Emperor Asoka) from India, are ‘invaders’? ‘Pirunu kale diya nosele’ is proved again. I retire my case with this note.”


Retired Major General cum gumshoe Kapila Hendawitharana

Coda on Chinese Gumshoes

There is a need to study the past deeds of nefarious Kapila Hendawitharana gumshoe (a retired Major General of the Sri Lankan army), who was identified as a close aide of the Rajapaksa tribe. A news item in the Sunday Times (Colombo) of Aug 29, 2004 reported,

“…Brigadier Kapila Hendavitharana has been appointed to a new post – Director General of Military Intelligence (DGMI).

This new organisation will encompass the intelligence arms of the Army, Navy, Air Force and will be located in the Joint Operations Headquarters.

The post of DGMI, according to a decision made by the Ministry of Defence, is to be held by an officer in the rank of Major General. Accordingly Brig. Hendavitharana is to be promoted to that rank. These measures, insiders say, have already been approved by President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga.”

Subsequently, after Mahinda Rajapaksa’s elevation to the presidency in late 2005, Kapila held the inaugural position – Chief of National Intelligence (CNI) in 2006. According to one web source I checked, Kapila made first contact with LTTE turncoat Kumaran Pathmanathan (aka, K.P) in 2006. For details, check this link.


Hendawitharana was removed from office in January 2015. Then, he was assigned the position Head of Security, Shangri-La Hotels in Sri Lanka. On June 14, 2017, a Sinhala nationalist site wailing, “Plan to Arrest Another Rana Viruvo – Major General Kapila Hendawitharana” [https://www.sinhalanet.net/plan-to-arrest-another-rana-viruvo-major-general-kapila-hendawitharana] recorded the following:

“…Major General Kapila Hendawitharana who was an instrumental figure to wiped out the LTTE Tamil Terrorists from the Island. The Yahapalana government is now after such security forces members to full fill their election commitments to the pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist’s political party TNA.”

This ‘Rana viruvo’ [war hero] Hendawitharana was caught red handed in 2019, leaking crucial information to Chinese intelligence officials in Colombo. The corresponding news link follows:


This item in the Colombo Telegraph blog appeared, prior to The Print (India) news item, about which John Smith (above) had expressed his displeasure. Hendawitharana’s collaborator role with China’s gumshoes deserves an in-depth study by courageous Sinhalese academics. My prediction is that until this generation of the Rajapaksa clan makes their exit, their misdeeds will not come up for scrutiny.

Diatribes of anti-LTTE scribes and critics (in Sri Lanka and India) hardly record the battles faced by LTTE’s spymaster Pottu Amman, in protecting Eelam territory, between 1983 and 2009. Probably, the LTTE was the only militant organization that had to tackle, not only the gumshoes of Sinhalese state, but also that of India, Pakistan, USA and Israel. In addition, gumshoe activities of China during Eelam War IV shouldn’t be ignored. Now connect the dots please: LTTE turncoat K.P – Kapila Hendawitharana – Chinese gumshoes. Hence, this note.

One should give the devil, his due. Despite all the technological disadvantages the LTTE faced in the digital world since 1995, Pottu Amman and his team were able to defend Eelam territory for over a decade internally. But, he failed to anticipate that K.P. would become a turncoat. K.P, the LTTE turncoat, was operating beyond the Eelam boundaries, in the Southeast Asian regions (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar) and was ripe for the picking of Chinese gumshoes, via their Sinhalese mole Kapila. K.P’s betrayal story is NOT the first one for Tamils, in the island’s history. This has been repeated umpteen times from King Ellalan’s period, before Christ.

What is the status of Lthe TTE turncoats now? – Col. Karuna, K.P., Daya Master and their ilk? They have been conveniently disposed of, like a used condom, by the Rajapaksa clan.


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