Articles – 2003

December, 2003

  2. Pirapaharan, Chapter 24
    Tamils Still Back Moderates
  3. The Sri Lanka Scene
    Buddhist Fundamentalism Raises its Head
  4. Celebration of a ‘Death’
  5. Queens Immigrants
  6. ISGA Proposals and Precedence
  7. Federal Solutions Amidst Chaos
  8. Christmas Message from Father Emmanuel
  9. Asian Balance & the Subcontinent
  10. Good Cop, Bad Cop
  11. Bloody Past
  12. Pirapaharan, Chapter 23
    Who Gave the Order?
  13. The Sri Lankan Scene
    Peace Talks on Hold
  14. Status of Healthcare in the Vanni
  15. ‘The Swineherd’
  16. Winter Tamil Classes
  17. Pirapaharan
    Chapter 22
    The Burning of the Jaffna Library
  18. A Reply to ‘TE Proposals and Beyond’
  19. Examining the ISGA Proposal
  20. What is a Refugee?
  21. The Commonwealth Secretariat – On Thin Ice
  22. Celebrate Human Rights Day Dec. 10
  23. Worldwide Comments on the ISGA
  24. The Sri Lankan Scene
    Will There Be Consensus?
  25. Reaction to Kataragama’s Commonwealth Bid
  26. Buddhism and Violence
  27. USIP Classroom Simulation re Sri Lanka
  28. Does the ISGA Violate the Oslo Agreement?
  29. Center for Consititutional Rights press release
  30. Neutral Position
  31. Part of 1996 Anti-Terror Law Overturned
  32. To all Commonwealth heads of state
  33. Pirapaharan, Chapter 21
    The Split of the LTTE
  34. Review of ‘Elusive Mind’
  35. Translator jobs
  36. The Sri Lankan Scene
    The Bazaar Drama Goes On
  37. Appeal to Commonwealth Governments
  38. Maveerar Day Around the US

November, 2003

  1. Non-violent Peace Force in Sri Lanka
  2. New Tamil School in Cranbury, NJ
  3. Cracks in a Strategic Jewel
  4. Next Phase of Negotiations
  5. “We Are Not Making Preparations for War”
  6. The Three-State Solution
  7. The “Wisdom” of Mr. H.L. de Silva
  8. Appeal to President and Prime Minister
  9. Maveerar Day Around the US
  10. Playboy Interview with Nehru
  11. Indictment Against Sri Lanka
  12. A Truce is Not Enough
  13. Pirapaharan, Chapter 20
    Jaffna Turned Torture Chamber
  14. EU Resolution on Sri Lanka
  15. It’s the Constitution, Stupid
  16. Power Unchecked
  17. Promises to Keep
  18. The ISGA Compared to the B-C Pact
  19. LTTE’s Counterproposals
  20. Workshop on Environmental Management
  21. Tamil Student Volunteer Program
  22. Chandrika’s Coup and its Impact
  23. Pirapaharan, Chapter 19
    Balasingam Enters the Scene
  24. A Reply to ‘A Case Against Federalism’
  25. THO-USA Flyer
  26. Observations of the UN HRC re Sri Lanka
  27. Maveerar Day around the USA
  28. TVI USA
  29. A (un) Constitutional Coup d’Etat in Sri Lanka
  30. President & Premier Play a Traditional Sinhala Game
  31. Tamil Place Names Outside the NE
  32. Pirapaharan, Chapter 18
    Tamils Lose Faith in Commissions
  33. Open Letter to SL President
  34. A Debate on the Ethnic Identity of Tamils
  35. The Present Call to American Tamils
  36. Kumaratunge’s Coup and the Peace Process
  37. AFTA Media Release
  38. A Nudge for Sri Lanka Peace
  39. Interim Self-Governing Authority Proposal
  40. The LTTE’s Proposals for an Interim Self-Governing Authority
  41. …And It Is Time for Action in Colombo
  42. Pirapaharan, Chapter 17
    Sinhala-Tamil Tension Mounts
  43. Vanni Trip, Section IV Part III
  44. The 1978 Jayawardene Constitution is Unconstitutional
  45. Vanni Trip, Section III Part III
  46. Lessons from the Sudanese Experience
  47. Threats & Talks, Latent Bias
  48. Pirapaharan, Chapter 16:
    Wresting Weapons from the Enemy
  49. Detention Summit in Rutgers Law School, NJ, Nov. 8
  50. USIP Dissertation Fellowships

October, 2003

  1. Computer Center Opened in Vaddakkachchi
  2. Sudan’s Peace Talks
  3. Pirapaharan,
    Chapter 15: The Ban, J.R.’s Gift
  4. Expatriate Tamil contribution to the development of the Northeast
  5. Tamil techies master Blaster worm
  6. Trip to Vanni, Section II of Part III
  7. Trip To Vanni – Section I of Part III
  8. Civil War and Poverty
  9. NJ Refugee & Asylee Healthy Families Conference, Oct. 24
  10. What Future the UN?
  11. Pirapaharan
    Chapter 14. The LTTE Comes into the Open
  12. The Myth of Kannaki: The Concept of Chastity and Power
  13. Shared Sovereignty May Be Answer to Kashmir Problem
  14. How War on Terror Hits Charity
  15. Joint Computer Center Opens in Jaffna
  16. Pirapaharan
    Chapter 13. Militants come to the Fore
  17. The Tamil Roots of Bharatha Natyam (Sathir)
  18. A Series of Moments
  19. Cole, Chang lead US Patriot Act challenge by Tamils
  20. Does (or When is) History Going to Repeat Itself in Sri Lanka?
  21. ‘Discussion Paper’: Sinhalese Politicians Learn Nothing and Forget Nothing

September, 2003

  1. Imperialism – A Different Perspective
  2. Demythologizing the National Security Concept: The Case of Turkey
  3. Lessons from Resistance/Terrorism and Stalemate in Sri Lanka
  4. Review of ‘In the Name of the Buddha’
  5. Lessons Learned
  6. Russia’s Chechen Plan: Pick a Leader and Leave
  7. Cashing in on the Carnage
  8. On Rohan Gunaratna: the ‘Temple Drum’ of Terrorism Industry
  9. Talks in Themselves Are Not the Point
  10. Taking Responsibility for Disappearances
  11. Commemorating Krishanti’s Murder
  12. Open Letter to Jehan Perera
  13. The Federal State of Mind
  14. Is Federalism Unconstitutional?