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2015_08_19_ATC on Parliament Election

Australian Tamil Congress Congratulates the Tamil National Alliance

Wednesday 19th of August | 15:30 PM |

The Australian Tamil Congress (ATC) congratulates Mr. R. Sampanthan and the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) on their resounding election victory in the Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka. The Tamil people have once again given the TNA, and its leader Mr. R. Sampanthan, a strong mandate to negotiate a political solution.

The Tamil people have also sent a clear message to the new Sri Lankan government and to the international community that they are firmly behind the TNA and its leadership; they are anxious to see a just reasonable political solution to the long standing Tamil national question; they want to achieve accountability for war time excesses through honest implementation of the relevant UN resolutions and processes; and they want to address matters of immediate concerns, such as land and livelihood in the north and east, without any further delay.

As an organization that has worked with the TNA for several years, we seek the full support of the international community, including India, to help implement the legitimate demands of the Tamil people through a negotiated power sharing arrangement.

Overall, the citizens of Sri Lanka have once again voted for the consolidation of progressive changes that began with the January 2015 presidential election. ATC would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Ranil Wickramasinghe, the leader of the United National Party, and President Sirisena on this remarkable election outcome, and is hopeful that they will continue to strive together for far-reaching constitutional changes for the good governance of the country.

ATC respects the wishes of the Tamil people and reiterates our commitment to work with TNA and all other relevant stakeholders to achieve equality, justice, peace, and prosperity for our people.

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