Bremen Tribunal Prosecutor Contextualises the Bellinzona Court case

by ‘,’ Bremen, Germany, February 23, 2018

Dr.Andy Higginbottom, Dr. Maung Zarni, Viraj Mendis, and Dr. Denis Halliday on the Bellinzona case at press conference in Geneva.

Dr. Andy Higginbottom was the prosecutor for the Bremen session of the People’s Tribunal on Sri Lanka in 2013. Last week, he, together with two of the judges at the Bremen Tribunal, Dr. Denis Halliday and Dr. Maung Zarni responded to the Bellinzona case at our press conference in Geneva. This short presentation, made two days before the prosecutor Ms. Juliette Noto made her main presentation to the court, provides a valuable geopolitical context to the events in Bellinzona.

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Andy explains how the racial pogroms faced by the Tamils and the genocidal character of the assault against them laid the basis for the Tamil resistance – which Ms. Noto’s nine hour marathon manages to completely avoid. This is why we rush to make Andy’s contribution available on our website. The other two presentations will follow soon.

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