Conference on Antiquity, Continuous Existence & Political Rights

Of the Tamil nation in the island of Sri Lanka

International council of eelam tamilsby Council of Eelam Tamils, United Kingdom, House of Commons, UK, May 15, 2023

Conference May 2023

Papers delivered —

Professor R. Sri Ranjan,
President, International Council of Eelam Tamils Chairperson, National Council of Canadian Tamils

Safeguarding women and children from Sri Lankan state’s genocide programme
Ms. A.V. Mukilini
Tamil genocide survivor

Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka: Legal avenues for criminal sanctions and civil reparation
Narasinghen Hambyrajen
Constitutional law, Human Rights, International
Trade Law at University of Mauritius
EX Director Central Bank of Mauritius.
EX Director : State Bank of Mauritius 2nd largest Bank in Mauritius
Minister Counsellor: Embassy of Mauritius Senior Diplomatic Representative
at WTO Human Rights Council in Geneva
Trainer of WTO in Consultant trainer in law .
EX Member : Law Reform.Commission of Mauritius

South Africa’s TRC Vs Sri Lanka’s misguided intentions
Pregs Padayachee
Solidarity Group for Peace and Justice in Sri Lanka

The Failure of the 13th Amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution in meeting Eelam Tamils self-rule and plea to recognise as people who are unable to determine their political status
Laxiha Ramalingam
Italy born second generation Eelam Tamil. Avid activist. On a mission to spread the richness of the Tamil language.

Sri Lankan government committed the biggest genocide of the 21st century
Arush Prabaharan
Political analyst

Sri Lanka’s Strategic Ambiguity Won’t Hold
Viruben Nandakumar
He is a board Member of the Tamil Guardian
editorial board.

Militarization, Economic Struggles, and the Path to Sovereignty: Lessons from East Timor for Eelam Tamils.
Rishigesahn Bbalachandran
He is a board member of International Diplomatic Council of Tamil
Eelam(IDCTE). In IDCTE Rishigeshan has been a part of the policy
making team and has met with various officials from EU, UN and other
relevant stakeholders with the primary goal to discuss and present the
systematic genocide which the Eelam Tamils are victims of in the Tamil

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