Some Congratulations to TN CM Jayalalithaa

Northern Provincial Council Chief Minister’s Speech- 26.05.2016


May 21, 2016

Honorable Chief Minister Chelvi Jayalalitha
Chief Minister’s Office Secretariat,
Chennai 600 009, Tamil Nadu
Dear Chief Minister,
On behalf of all Eelam Tamils and the other Tamils living in various countries, we wholeheartedly offer all our best wishes for a successful, historic second term tenure as the able chief minister of the proud Tamil Nadu state.
It is our unshakable hope and confidence in your ability to address all the issues including redressing all the grievences of the Eelam Tamils particularly the implementation of your historic resolutions past in the Tamil Nadu state assembly regarding the Eelam Tamils.
You being our only beacon of hope at this critical period, we wish all good health and success in the pursuit of your goals and state resolutions.
with best regards, yours sincerely 
M.K Eelaventhan
Former member of parliament Sri Lanka
Member of Transnational govt of Tamil Eelam
Representing Canada
809-17 Brimley rd
M1M 3T8

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