Email Campaigning

by A Colombo Resident; published March 12, 2004

E-mail campaigning is on in this election. Up to the last election they used the fax.

Buddhist monks are also campaigning using e-mail.

Here is a sample…just for fun!!

The extra benefits of voting for the Sangha.

Today giving a dana or inviting a monk in Colombo and suburbs is difficult.

Sometimes it is difficult to get 5 monks. It also costs money for the special private cars. If you invite Uduwe Dhammaloka you have also to spend Rs 5,000 for his sound system alone. (If you do not believe this ask him. His three telephone numbers are 011 – 2507666, 011 – 2507788, 011 – 2586586. His address is “Asapuwa”, No. 6 Sulaiman Terrace, Colombo 5).

If you now vote for the Sangha you get an added bonus. Your Sangha MP will come with his Sangha coordinating secretary, Sangha security guard, Sangha private secretary and Sangha advisor. So you get five monks for the price of one. He will come with the MP vehicle. You will also get a free loud speaker. And instead of you greeting him with folded hands he will in true MP fashion greet you with folded hands.

Vote for the Sangha. Vote for Rev. Uduwe Dhammaloka. Get five monks for the price of one! Save the Sangha, and at the next dana save also your money…

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