ITJP: Geneva Briefing Notes

by International Truth & Justice Project Sri Lanka, South Africa, February 2021



With Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka, the ITJP has jointly authored 6 BRIEFING NOTES to frame the discsussion on Sri Lanka for the March 2021 session of the UN Human Rights Council. They are in English and are being translated into French, Tamil and Sinhala. They cover the following topics:

1. Framing the Problem in the Context of System Crimes and Failed Institutions

2. Ongoing Violations – Torture, Arbitrary Arrests, Deaths in Custody

3.  Enforced Disappearance

4. Institutional Reform, Vetting and Screening, & the Rule of Law 

5.  Emblematic cases – update

6. List of Emblematic Cases

ITJP Summary-briefing-notes March 2021

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