LLRC Summary

by Lewis Garland, International Centre for Ethnic Studies, Colombo, 2012

What Lessons Learned? 
An accessible, thematised summary of the LLRC report

LLRC summary IEC 2012

The key objective of this summary is to present the key recommendations of the LLRC report in a way that is both accessible and comprehensible to those individuals and communities who have, to date, been excluded from the mainstream dialogue on the report’s findings and recommendations. This summary will be soon available in both Sinhala and Tamil…

The Commission takes the ‘view that the root cause of the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka lies in the failure of successive Governments to address the genuine grievances of the Tamil people’ (8.150, 9.184). These grievances include:
1) Failure to find and fully implement a durable solution on power-sharing, specifically the lack of progress on devolution for the Northern and Eastern Provinces.
2) Language policy
3) Poor Governance and failure to observe the rule of law (Paras. 2.3, 8.195)

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