‘Modern Tamils & the Tamil National Question’

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Modern Tamils and Tamil National Question: Sri Lanka/Ilankai 1798-2012

This book is the third and final in the series on the history of the Sri Lankan Tamils. As its title states, it covers the modern period of British rule of the island (1796 – 1947) and thereafter from independence in 1948 to present times. It is written from a Tamil perspective and charts their history in an interconnected and contextual way of the island’s history. It is largely thus the history of Sinhala/Tamil relations and their interactions which is seen as driving the political developments.

Of the European colonial powers who ruled the island, it was the British who left strong imprints,unifying the country and structurally changing its administration, judicial system and politics as well as its economy and trade. Yet as the British prepared to hand over power to the indigenous peoples,the dormant ethno-cultural differences between the majority Sinhala and minority Tamil nations which existed before the Europeans arrived began to surface again. Soon after independence, it led to their confrontation and then to conflict and war. Four years now after the war ended in May 2009,the underlying problem remains unaddressed. Given the geo-strategic location of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean, there is an added international dimension to the problem which has seen Indian intervention followed by that of the international community, particularly the United States and its allies as Co-chairs to the collapsed Ceasefire Agreement of 2002. The ending of the war also brought with it the issues of accountability and war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide involving the United Nations and its failed mission in Sri Lanka.

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Tamil Trade and Cultural Exchange

The Tamils, on either side of the Palk Straits, have had a long maritime tradition. And they formed one trading orbit over the ancient and medieval periods until the arrival of the Europeans. This book seeks to chart that history of the maritime and commercial enterprise of the Tamils from the very beginning. It starts with the long lost continent of Kumari Kandam. It goes on to show that Tamil civilization dates back to 11,000 years ago. The Sri Lanka of today was then an integral part of South India and known as Ma-Ilankai to the Tamils.

The maritime and commercial enterprise of the Tamils thereafter is traced through the rise and fall of Tamil kingdoms of Tamilakam in South India and of north-western Ilankai. At every opportunity, the historical evidence, based on archaeological, inscriptional and literary sources is supported with corroborative evidence from foreign sources. Equally as important in this fascinating account, is the evidence that the trading activities of the Tamils also provided a passage for cultural exchange especially in South East Asia and the Far East. The assimilation of that culture is there to see in these countries even today.

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