MP Charles: Mahaweli Project J Zone

by Sri Lanka MP Charles Nirmalanathan,, May 29, 2023

[Translated from Tamil by Google Translate with minor edits — Editor]

“The Mahavali Project is a long-term strategy to destroy the ethnic heritage of the Tamils, settle the Sinhalese population, and make the Tamils ethnically non-existent,” Charles MP charged.
He also warned about Sinhalese immigration taking place in 37 Tamil Grama Sevakar** units.

MP Nirmalanathan has represented the Vanni in Sri Lanka’s parliament since 2017 and was on the Ministerial Consultative Committee on Mahaweli Development & Environment (Eighth Parliament of the D.S.R. of Sri Lanka, 2017 – 2020)

Twitter comment by journalist/blogger Parthiban Shanmuganathan @thisisparthiban, May 26, 2023 — “Even after 35 years, the lands of the Tamils were taken away for the Mahaweli L Zone, the people have not been given alternative lands. At this stage, the ‘J’ Zone is trying to acquire the lands of the northern Tamils again.” MP Charles Nirmalanathan pointed out. #SriLanka

Mahalweli Development Programme System L general map 2023


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**The districts of Sri Lanka are further divided into administrative sub-units known as divisional secretariats. They were originally based on the feudal counties, the korales and ratas. [Divisional Secretariats of Sri Lanka – Wikipedia]

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